Zucchetti Spain's New Guide to Building a Global Workforce

How to attract and retain talent in the age of remote working

New generations of workers have changed and companies need to adapt to new ways of working.

  • Remote working, employee wellbeing, globalisation, a healthy company culture... a new approach that requires innovative people management solutions.
  • Zucchetti Spain launches a guide with the keys to avoid employee attrition and build a global workforce by 2023
  • Guide "Retaining and Attracting Talent", now available free of charge

Salary is no longer the main motivation for employees to stay with a company. Well-being, the company mentality, the type of leadership, the use of digital tools or the work-life balance are decisive factors that companies must take care of if they want to avoid employee attrition.

In the midst of the Human Revolution, companies need technological solutions that place people at the centre of their strategy. Fortunately, new technologies have led to the development of software tools that facilitate more effective talent management, accompanying employees in their professional lives and building a company culture based on team spirit with a "win-win" approach that results in greater profitability and productivity and a constant growth of the company's human capital.
But companies also need to attract new profiles. Smart Working has broken down geographical barriers and it is now possible to operate with liquid workforces. The future lies in creating a global workforce where on-site and remote employees work in a fully coordinated way.

A guide to the keys to avoiding employee attrition and retaining talent
New technologies, high labour mobility, the new conception of work, the rise of Remote Working, remote employee training and the reduction of barriers that hitherto prevented the construction of a global workforce, are the keys to the new labour market.

In order to help HR departments effectively focus their talent attraction and retention strategies, Zucchetti Spain today launches a new guide "Talent Retention and Attraction. How to avoid employee attrition and build a global workforce", free of charge and available now on its website. It analyses the phenomenon of "The Great Resignation" with data and statistics and provides the keys to measuring the emotional state of the employee, maintaining the motivation of the workforce and creating a global workforce with remote workers.

Solutions to meet the challenges of talent management in 2023
In the current context of talent search and retention, companies need flexible, intuitive and innovative human resource management solutions that meet the new needs of people management.
Zucchetti HR, the Zucchetti Group's suite of HR management solutions is positioned as the most complete, up-to-date and advanced offering on the market. A set of state-of-the-art tools for integrated management of Remote Working, talent management, measurement of the working environment with its Beaconforce solution, staff motivation with Skillato or the selection, training and on boarding of remote workers through InRecruiting.