Callipo stores use Tilby for their loyalty and discount programs

How to innovate a historical brand using cloud cash and fidelity cards

Callipo single-brand stores are the perfect union between innovation and tradition. The historical Calabrian company that produces tuna and canned fish has recreated a suggestive atmosphere in its shops that brings to mind the ancient tuna-fisheries and the history of a family business that has been able to seize the opportunities offered by digital. Callipo has chosen for its stores the Tilby cloud point of sale which is useful as a sales and marketing tool; in particular to promote customer loyalty. In this direction Callipo has developed a fidelity and discount card program integrated with the Tilby software.

The group exports all over the world and its products are sold in large-scale distribution chains, in the retail channel, on the company's e-commerce site and in 4 single-brand stores.

Let’s discover the opportunities offered by integrated marketing features at cloud cash through the words of Giacinto Callipo, spokesperson of the fifth generation of the industrial group. We asked him how it is possible to innovate a historical brand and which are the advantages of using cloud cash and fidelity cards.

Your company has an important tradition but has been able to innovate. What do innovation and digital represent for you?
The two aspects are well combined. On one hand, the handmade production follows a tradition that we have been handing down from father to son for 5 generations. In this way, human resources play a primary and fundamental role. On the other hand, modern technology is able to better manage production flows and to guarantee very high quality standards. Innovation and digitalization are two aspects that we follow very carefully, most of all for what concerns upgrading machinery and management procedures of the various activities.

What made you choose the Tilby cash system for managing your shops?
We chose Tilby because we immediately liked the platform, the user friendly interface, both on the front office and on the back office side. The main advantage we have noticed is the flexibility and the simplicity in activating a new store, both in terms of configuration and of training for new resources, which has allowed us to optimize timing.

What are the Tilby tools you use the most? We use Tilby as a cash system to simplify the sales process with tools such as barcode recognition. The main advantage is the speed in selecting products to sell and the "security" in identifying the correct one.

In addition to this, the Tilby cloud POS also allows the management of the fidelity card, with which we offer the customer several discounts or periodic and rotating promotions for certain products.

The marketing tools integrated in Tilby cloud cash
Concluding this journey between tradition and innovation, let’s discover in detail what are the tools that Tilby cloud point of sales offers and can be exploited in stores for customer loyalty, fidelity cards and the management of automatic promotions: 

  • Targeted discounts: apply fixed value or percentage discounts to individual items or entire purchases. The system allows you to apply a discount to a product at your choice and to build your customer loyalty with a custom-made promotion.
  • Customer card: keep track of your customers’ preferences and habits collecting their information in a tool shared with your coworkers to fill in and update how and when you want.
  • Points campaigns: with each purchase, Tilby will automatically or manually register the points due to the customer. Even the awarding of prizes can be automated based on the rules you choose. You also could keep track of the gifts you've provided and engage the customer with a fun campaign. Tilby allows points to be accumulated from any channel - point of sale, automatic point of sale or E-Commerce - with an omnichannel approach also for your promotions. You can check the points balance of your fidelity card at any time by searching for the customer or by swiping it directly on Tilby.
  • Simplified data collection: you can easily collect email addresses and mobile numbers of your customers and then send alerts or promotions, in just a few taps through the integrated third-party services.

The advantages of promotions and fidelity cards for the stores
Compared to a simple cash register, choosing a cloud system leads to many advantages. Thanks to Tilby, Callipo stores can generate reports on products sold and make forecasts based on sales trends, optimize warehouse management and create daily activity reports. But not only. Some tools, in particular, can be very useful for your store's marketing strategy: thanks to the cloud cash register, it is, in fact, possible to manage discounts and fidelity cards in an integrated way.

Memorizing customer data and purchase history is a huge advantage. It allows you to find out who your consumers are and what their preferences are, building customer loyalty. In fact, more often consumers choose to buy in stores that have a loyalty program.

With Tilby cash software is possible to create customers’ cards and to take advantage of automatic profiling in an easy way. Using integrated communication’s tools at the cashpoint, like email or sms marketing tools, you can identify exactly the customers who might be interested in a specific product. This is possible thanks to their purchase history and you can send them tailor-made promotions, encouraging the drive to store of customers who haven't been in for a while.