Your "Special Recipe" in Catering Management

In the restaurant world, it is known that every dish, every product, every creation starts from a precise list of ingredients, ordered and studied from a set of raw materials that guarantee their quality and safety for the consumer. It all translates into a final result to be proposed that is always innovative, appealing and inviting, but staying in step with the times means knowing how to structure one's work by not abandoning oneself to improvisation, but rather by relying on rigorous management of one's purchases, controlling products both quantitatively and qualitatively by not giving up one's business, but by supporting a policy of cost containment and control that never sacrifices the desired final quality.

From the synergy created between Mago's Store Management modules, it is possible to meet all these needs. Mago's Food Recipe allows you to precisely define what your preferred choice of ingredients is both in terms of fixed amounts and percentages within each creation.There are no limits on the composition of individual preparations whether they are final or used in turn within more complex recipes.

From the individual sauce used within a sandwich, to the raw materials that are used to create a particular one whose secrets are kept, all well organized into nested levels of Recipe that are always easily identifiable, editable and maintainable through special user-supported features.

Not even the warehouse of the largest business or the pantry of the smallest are left out. Through the special ingredient unloading function, it will be sufficient to proceed as usual with a simple sale to have automatically calculated in the correct proportions the consumption and instantly aligned the remaining availability of its ingredients.

You can then instantly decide and organize supplies to optimize time and costs, but not only: it can be done in accordance with belonging to a group and then in synergy with multiple stores by activating the Corporate Group Management compatible module, with the possibility of being supported by an intuitive and modern App usable on the move (InStore App) enhancing everything with sales support solutions (Front-end cash, POS...) made available by the integrations that Mago offers (TCPOS, Open POS, ...).

All this without forgetting regulations and proper disclosure to the consumer. The management of Attributes directly linked to a product, which can be freely coded and grouped into user-customized Templates, also allows Recipes to corroborate the Allergen and Nutritional Value information contained in them.

And for the producers? No problem. Today recipes work in synergy with bills of materials, ingredients with components aggregating organically into a complete A to Z system that moves between logistics, purchasing, sales and production management.