Isabel Busto, First Woman President of Confebask

Deputy Managing Director of Zucchetti Spain, becomes the first woman to chair the Basque Business Confederation

Isabel Busto, Deputy General Manager of Zucchetti Spain, has been appointed President of the Basque Business Confederation (Confebask) until the summer of 2023, taking over from Eduardo Zubiaurre, who has had to step down from the presidency for health reasons. Zucchetti's deputy general manager, who held the position of vice-president of Confebask and of the Gipuzkoa business association (Adegi), had already been acting president of the Basque employers' organisation since last May.

Isabel Busto Pozuelo, who has an extensive professional career, holds a degree in Computer Engineering from the UPV/EHU, an Executive MBA from the University of Deusto and a PhD in Business Competitiveness and Economic Development from the same university. She is currently Deputy General Manager of Zucchetti Spain, a leading company in the development of ERP-CRM software solutions and Human Resource management software, among other solutions, where she has developed her professional career.
Confebask, the Confederation of Basque Employers, is a member of the CEOE and of the other European and international business organisations representing the general interests of employers, including the European employers' organisation Business Europe.

The new President of Confebask is committed to tackling digitisation and a new business culture
During the General Council of the Basque Business Confederation, which took place this Wednesday, the new president Isabel Busto expressed her gratitude and "personal affection for the former president of Confebask, Eduardo Zubiaurre", acknowledging his "professional and personal values", as well as his dedication and effort at the head of Confebask.

Isabel Busto dedicated her speech to the analysis of the current economic situation, where companies are facing challenges such as digital transformation, energy transition, the economic impact of the geopolitical crisis and inflation.

Among the most important challenges, the President of Confebask and Deputy CEO of Zucchetti Spain highlighted the importance of tackling the digitalisation of companies - an important challenge that Isabel Busto knows well from her professional activity - the demographic challenge and the need to build a "company culture based on trust and a shared project".

She also pointed out the importance of carrying out a strategy of "economic immigration" and "attracting talent" to respond to the challenge of the demographic crisis and to cover the expected decline in the working-age population.

Innovation, confidence, leadership and responsibility, keys to the future of Basque companies
Isabel Busto stressed the importance of having confidence in the future in order to face the challenges facing companies and the importance of their leadership and responsibility in committing themselves to the economic prosperity of the Basque Country.

To this end, the new president of the Basque employers' organisation has drawn up a roadmap focused on innovation, commitment and digital transformation. Along the same lines as Isabel Busto, the market-leading software manufacturer and recent recipient of the Dirigentes Award for "Innovation", Zucchetti Spain, is committed to tackling the challenges faced by Basque companies and throughout the country, where responsibility and leadership is vital to facilitate their adaptation and improve their profitability and competitiveness in the current economic climate.