Choose Punk Solution for Sport Management

We need to rethink the logic of administration, control and management of a sports center, in order to restart in the best possible way.

Need for change for sport and leisure centers. Need for innovation.
The pandemic has only ACCELERATED what was a start of change after the market impasse a few years ago.
We need to rethink the logic of administration, control and management of a sports center, in order to restart in the best possible way.
We must therefore be aware of the principles of the administration and management of a plant, know and manage technologies and marketing of the activity for a customer centric vision that must now be fully supported by technological solutions.
Furthermore, for the success of a sport center there is a need for professional figures with a solid training, as well as the 'punk' touch that only an inspired entrepreneur can give to his/her business. So, relying on Zucchetti professional knowledge for your management choices will only bring advantages, because with a single supplier you can manage all your activities.

Sport Accountancy
The aspect of sport administration is not very distant, in its fundamental aspects, from the administration of a company in any other field.
Its proper management depends on efficient use of resources and accurate planning.
Tasks such as managing and applying all the institution's resources are the basis of this activity. In this field, projects and data flows are carried out to develop sport activities, both from a commercial and social point of view.
The main goal of sport administration is to achieve management, sales and revenue objectives through the best organization. An equally onerous task of this sector is also the management of human resources to obtain maximum performance from them.

Managing the Sport Facility
The pandemic has also accentuated the importance of these activities, especially paying attention to safety regulations, quotas - which may remain mandatory in some areas regardless of health emergencies - and energy saving.
This area of specialization, within sport management, is responsible for the direction, organization and internal and external management of all types of sport centers and institutions. The main figure for this activity is the sport manager.

Sport Manager
The sport manager is responsible for the professional management of a sport organization, be it a sport company or organization, a sport facility or a sporting event or competition. Unfortunately it cannot be linked to a specific academic qualification but certainly many academic and professional profiles can access this profession.
The sport manager is actually required to have a series of technical, practical but also theoretical and administrative skills, ranging in various sectors; this mix of skills is perhaps almost unique as a professional profile: one must be able to know and manage professional sport, fitness, event organization, facility management, adventure company, sport tourism, consulting and marketing, which undoubtedly makes it difficult driving it into a single area of knowledge.

Sport and Fitness Marketing
Sport marketing is an exponentially growing trend: it strengthens the corporate image and the links between them and society. With sport marketing, sport entities, products, professionals or services are promoted through different strategies and specific actions; digital communities can also be created to create an emotional bond and generate a sense of belonging or pride of customers and athletes in society.
Specific activities may also arise, managed by the marketing consultant, with the aim of promoting sporting events, products or athletes. All obviously regulated by the laws of marketing, of the market and, last but not least, by the rules of social marketing.

Technology for Sport Environment
The fitness and sport market in general has experienced a very important recession that needs a rapid recovery in the next months, and the habits of the population have changed forever due to the situation experienced with the lockdown and the fear of contagion.
Now the sport manager needs access control, online sales and reservation, payments, accounting, communication with subscribers and much, much more, with professional software systems. With Zucchetti solutions you will have the opportunity to manage everything with extreme simplicity and comfort, saving time and maximizing revenues.
The Zucchetti software solution will be able to help you manage the needs of the sport center according to your medium and long-term objectives, and from there plan which tool to implement, in what order and provide for a correct integration between all the tools.
It is no longer possible to do without acquiring new subscribers with a multi-channel solution that can simplify your work, create and promote online trial training campaigns and subscriptions.
Moreover, today more than ever, access control in the gym, reservations and the use of management software / App is essential. Those who intend to reopen the sports center cannot improvise and rely only on their instinct. The sport manager need a specific way and an in-depth study of new management based on online reservations and management.
Zucchetti already has all these tools integrated into a single IT ecosystem.

New Technologies for Modern Users
The solution to rethinking sales and service strategies is to simplify. Simple management, literally invoked by many, returns once again.
The concept of gym membership has already changed. The user must be able to buy flexibly, at his convenience, with the means he prefers.
Central innovation in this area is online electronic payment or automation systems with banking integrations and international circuits. All this must be the technology at the service of the user. The customer must have everything just a click away.
Therefore, the mobile app must certainly not be missing in the sports center: to centralize all the available services 'in the customer's hand', give him the opportunity to act according to his needs, buying or booking on the fly.
Zucchetti also offers you technological and digital tools for your customer: ecommerce app or site, integrated online booking systems but also social connectors, communities, up to the most modern rating and forecast systems for both purchases and sales.
Zucchetti is all of this.