Hotel Cashless Payments: Scrigno's e-wallet system brand new functionality

The electronic wallet can now be recharged directly from the web app MyMoney thanks to the integration with Nexi, the leading PayTech company in Italy

The Electronic Wallet is the payment methodology made by cards, bracelet tags or electronic methods instead of cash: more convenience for guests, and a great safety for hoteliers.

The system uses RFid technology to manage payments in all the outlets, and can be activated on the card used to access the rooms.
The e-wallet allows to charge all consumptions on the room account (so-called “credit card mode”) or to pay with top-up cards (so-called “debit card mode”).
Until recently, cards could be recharged at reception or at dedicated kiosks: the innovation is that the prepaid cards can now be recharged directly through the MyMoney App with a credit card thanks to the integration with Nexi.
With the MyMoney webApp guests can check the transactions made with their card (and the cards of companions), check the remaining balance and, precisely, top up the card with a credit card directly from the App: easy, convenient, safe. 
The e-wallet system includes other interesting and useful Apps:
The App Shop: designed for villages and resorts with shops managed by third parties. 
Guests can use the pre-paid card for payments even when the shops are not managed directly from the hotelier: the less cash goes around, the safer it is.
The App for counting meals: allows the hotelier to control access to the restaurant and know exactly who is entitled to have the meal. Then the app checks the total of meals consumed by reading the electronic cards. The Nexi payment system is integrated in Scrigno also for the verification of the validity of credit cards and their tokenization, for the payment of deposits or prepaid and within the web check-out webApp: guests can view their bill and pay with their credit card in a secure web area.