GP Dati uses PAT technology

Here comes Gipì, the virtual assistant for Scrigno!

GP Dati uses PAT technology to revolutionize Scrigno's technical assistance

Being part of the Zucchetti Group means having skills and state-of-the-art technology in order to offer hoteliers cutting-edge solutions to improve and facilitate daily operations.

Thanks to the synergy with PAT(*) GP Dati has been able to develop a new solution for customers: Gipì, the new chatbot for Scrigno virtual assistance. Thanks to machine learning technology Gipì has the ability to understand and process human language, making the way to find the most suitable answers and solutions easier than ever.

Gipì now manages the assistance requests for Scrigno: customers can use it both to ask questions about the numerous features of the software, and to request the solution of technical issues.

Using Gipì has undeniable advantages:

• It reduces or eliminates waiting on the phone
• It offers a self-service and real-time experience
• It is accessible 24/7
• It formulates useful suggestions on the correct use of Scrigno
• It supports repetitive activities, while ensuring human intervention in contexts where it is needed
• It improves and streamlines the work of the support team, which can thus optimize activities by dedicating themselves to the most complex situations

GP Dati’s goal is to offer a simpler and faster way to find the information, a better customer experience, and a new way of communicating that best meets hoteliers daily needs.

(*) Service developed in collaboration with PAT, a Zucchetti company, mentioned in the Gartner Report “Market Guide for Virtual Customer Assistants” as one of the 28 reference vendors worldwide for the Virtual Customer Assistants sector.

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