Upcoming releases: MagoCloud 1.7 and Mago4 3.5

New features for Store management area and MagoCloud Store

Don’t miss out on the new features of MagoCloud 1.7 and Mago4 3.5.
We have prepared a summary of the most interesting one.
The new releases will be published soon.
More information is available in the Mago private area (release notes and Help Center).

Store Management
Starting with releases 1.7 and 3.5, companies in the retail sector will be able to manage requests for goods from a general headquarters (HQ) to multiple points of sale using an automated procedure. 

The new procedure "Purchase Orders Generation from Shop Transfer Requests" will process transfer requests already placed in MagoCloud and Mago4. An order to the supplier will be generated with those already approved. Delivery will be made to headquarters with a later cross-docking to the Points of sale. In this way it will be possible to generate an overall order in Mago for all shops, trying to obtain the best price.
Mago will send the order to the main supplier of the HQ, otherwise, it will select the preferred one. The goods will be delivered to the HQ, and from the cross-docking warehouse later sent to the stores that requested the items.

A new parameter will be added in Mago to identify a single point of sale from which to place orders. The quantities requested by the shops, will not be taken away from the quantities available in the warehouse of the Main Store. A new status "Transfer requests in Order to Supplier" will be added to the transfer requests, allowing you to keep track of the requests that are being handled.

The procedure “Import Price Lists from Excel Files” has been updated. Starting with MagoCloud release 1.7 and Mago4 release 3.5, you will be able to manage the import of price lists by quantity. This functionality is designed to simplify and speed up the process of updating price lists, especially for those market sectors where sales prices vary according to the quantities purchased by the customer.

MagoCloud Store
Data import/ export functionality will soon be available in MagoCloud store (only for users with the Application admin role). It will be possible to import: default data, bank master data, sample data for demo sessions, and upload data in zip format. You will also export in XML format all the data of the company database or the data of only the selected tables.