Mago and TCPOS: a new functionality for the Food Industry

Create your menus directly in the ERP, for an even more integrated management

The integration of MagoCloud and Mago4 with TCPOS is constantly evolving. Starting with releases 1.6 and 3.4, you have at your disposal a new functionality for the centralized management of menus, designed specifically for the Food Industry and in particular for restaurants, self-service, and bars.

In MagoCloud and Mago4 you can generate one or more menus, choosing which dishes to include and the period of validity. The data is then transmitted in real-time to the checkout and made available for all points of sale (or even for a single point of sale).

You can manage different kinds of menus:

  • Seasonal dishes, which can only be purchased for a limited period
  • Menu of the day, the list of dishes available on a specific day
  • Combo menu (e.g. sandwich + chips + drink)

To exploit the potential of the Menu module, the TCPOS connector and the Store Management features must be active. Once you have activated the Menu flag in Retail > Masters > General you can start creating your menus directly in the management system.

There are several settings available for the menu functionality, divided into four tabs: Main Data, Composition, Sales, Other Data.

We suggest starting with the main settings: define which articles to include in the menu, choose from those previously created, and enter any "additions". Set up the image and descriptions, associate a barcode. Define the days of validity or the reference period and enter the price and the VAT code. You can use one or more pre-existing price lists or enter the cost manually. There are several options available, giving you a very flexible price calculation.

The restaurant staff has nothing to worry about. All the menu data set in MagoCloud and Mago4 is transferred to the checkouts, which are automatically updated. Each receipt or invoice issued by the POS is transferred to the ERP and generates the related warehouse and accounting movements, according to the usual flows.