Inda for Recruitment and Talent Acquisition

Find out the new website, the proprietary artificial intelligence technology for the Recruitment and Talent Acquisition sectors and beyond.

Inda is the proprietary artificial intelligence solution developed by Intervieweb (Zucchetti Group) and created to improve performance management of recruitment and selection processes.

Through Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Computer Vision algorithms, Inda allows companies to optimise the recruitment process and helps recruiters to identify and attract the best possible talent. Inda also has features for recognising and analysing generic and/or fiscal documents and extracting and collecting information / structured data.

Inda for Recruitment and Talent Acquisition 
The introduction of artificial intelligence in recruitment processes can support the HR team with specific functionalities that help to enhance the search and selection process by making it faster and more effective. Let's find out more:

  1. Autocompleting application forms: allows the candidate to upload any kind of CV and fill out the form with just 1 click;
  2. Resume/CV Parsing: extract unstructured data submitted by the candidate and convert it into structured information to be stored into the database;
  3. CV anonymisation: generates an anonymised copy of the original CV in real-time to share with colleagues or customers;
  4. Skills, Job Titles and ESCO Mapping: suggests new skills and job titles and allows you to associate them with those recognised by the leading national and international classifications (ESCO, ISCO, ISTAT, 0*NET)
  5. Semantic Analysis and Search: find the most qualified candidates based on specific keywords and words with similar meanings. The final result is a shortlist of CVs with content that is semantically close to the keyword, even in the absence of a direct match.
  6. Semantic scoring: in order to rank the applicants, view the scores assigned to the candidate profiles that are produced from the search;
  7. Job matching: find the best match between the job advertisement and the candidates;
  8. Similar candidates:  a list of candidates that are similar to the search parameters defined by you.

Inda for Document parsing
The applications of Inda's artificial intelligence also extends to other sectors outside of HR and recruitment. In the administrative and bureaucratic area, the parsing tool can work in a generalised way. Parsing can be used to extract information easily and quickly from any kind of documents such invoices, receipts and order forms, contracts and payslips, account balance, price list, analysis and tables, Chamber of Commerce registration, Identity cards, and more.

Start using Inda's artificial intelligence
Inda is already available in our ATS In-recruiting or can be easily integrated into any software due to its API (Application Programming Interface). Visit the website and consult the API documentation.