MagoCloud Store and Auditing, New Features 

More flexible Invoicing process and Auditing available for all Industries

MagoCloud Auditing
How to monitor errors and track the activities that users have performed in the ERP

When it comes to ERP and therefore to corporate DBs, attention to data security is of primary importance, especially when multiple users operate on the software. In business's daily routine users constantly update or insert articles, modify documents, register orders and issue invoices… a flow of actions, carried out by several users, that requires great attention to details. In other words, the risk of messing up is high.To borrow the words of Seneca “Erring is human…” and therefore a certain number of mistakes are to be expected. It is not only experience that will guide us, as Seneca believed, but we can rely on technology and in particular on MagoCloud Auditing. This tool helps us to detect errors and track the processes affected by them.

All actions performed on the company database are recorded by MagoCloud Auditing, ensuring constant tracking and monitoring of data and activities carried out by users (logins, edits and new entries). The data is easily accessible from the Grafana dashboard, for an intuitive overview of the activities performed in the Cloud ERP.

Grafana is an open-source data analysis tool that can extract metrics from large volumes of data and monitor applications through customizable dashboards. We picked Grafana for its flexibility, intuitive interface and ability to connect with any possible data source, including MagoCloud.

How do I enable MagoCloud Auditing?
Visit MagoCloud Store and buy a new subscription or upgrade an existing one. Auditing is available for all the Industries in the Premium, Professional and Enterprise editions. The functionality is optional in the Premium edition, you have to flag the corresponding item among those available, and it is instead included in the Professional and Enterprise editions.

During the configuration of MagoCloud à la carte you can select Auditing between the available functionalities. While configuring MagoCloud à la carte you can select the function among those listed, regardless of the edition chosen previously.
To start tracking data, Auditing must be activated when setting up the subscription in MagoCloud store. Once you have set this flag, you are ready to monitor your activities. You will receive an email with the access link, user and password and a useful tutorial to get you up and running with Grafana.

MagoCloud Store: what’s new?
More flexible Invoicing process

MagoCloud store is constantly being updated, this time the renewal concerned the Invoicing process.
In order to meet the various needs that you have encountered this year, we have made the invoicing process more flexible. You can now enter the details of the company subscribing to MagoCloud and, in a dedicated form, those of the company to which the subscription invoice will be sent, if the two organizations do not match.

On the other hand, if the subscription and invoice are to be registered to the same company, you can keep the flag “Use the same data for billing” active to proceed to the next steps without having to fill in additional fields.