Looking for a no-cost way to price your rooms more accurately & secure more online bookings?

It's time for your property to institute operational changes that will make 2021 drastically different for your bottom line

We know that 2020 has been a terrible year for most hoteliers, no matter whether you stayed closed down or struggled through re-opening with minimal staff (and even fewer bookings). All around the world, 2020 has been:

- A year where hotels had to choose between opening up and hoping for business or staying shut, with staff laid off or furloughed - basically, a lose/lose situation for everyone. 

- A year with an UNPRECEDENTED lack of demand, due both to closed borders and travelers’ ongoing lack of trust in the safety of travel, especially internationally. 

- A year when hotels faced the need to reconfigure almost every aspect of their customer-facing operational procedures, to address travelers’ concerns about sanitation and to meet social distancing rules. 

- The year that the traditional revenue management system (RMS) became obsolete because historical data is no longer an effective way to establish accurate room rates (because of our current, never-before-seen market conditions).

That’s why this is time for your property to institute operational changes that will make 2021 drastically different for your bottom line. 

- Hotels and revenue managers need a new way to establish competitive rates in 2021 and beyond, ensuring that they receive as many bookings as possible, no matter the ongoing shifts in demand caused by COVID-19. 

- Hotels need a solution that adapts, as future demand and as competitors do, in real-time (no, for real… actual, real-time!). 

- Hotels need Lybra’s Assistant RMS – now available with an extended free trial and no set-up or transaction fees , through Lybra’s new COVID Relief Package, created to give all types and sizes of hotels the one tool that they will need to survive - and thrive! - throughout these difficult times. 

Here’s what makes Lybra’s Assistant RMS different than the rest...

Lybra’s Assistant is the only RMS with advanced machine learning technology that can effectively analyze all available Big Data – prioritizing market and competition data, instead of historical ­– to more accurately determine a property’s future demand and offer price suggestions that will help your property get more bookings and increase revenue.  

Lybra’s Assistant is also the only RMS that provides hoteliers with future flight search data–including departure city and airport, destinations, travel dates, one- or two-way flights, etc. – obtained from a leading metasearch booking site, as a means to determine future demand, accessible directly through the solution’s dashboard. Flight search data is a strong indicator for travel intent and, therefore, for hotel booking intent; having access to flight search patterns is particularly useful for revenue managers when establishing accurate, competitive room rates, especially in today’s highly volatile travel market.

At Lybra, we launched our COVID Relief Package earlier this month and, by contacting us today, your property (or properties) can access the full functionality of Lybra’s Assistant RMS - including the flight search data feature - for free, for an extended trial period, with no set-up or transaction fees, and no ongoing commitment. 

In today’s unstable market - and as we’re ending the worst financial year in any of our lifetimes - doesn’t your property deserve the best RMS possible, to make 2021 a successful year, no matter what happens with COVID or the travel industry's recovery?!

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