Sportrick and Amilon to launch a new Advertising Solution for Gym Clubs

Sportrick vertical management solution for fitness clubs together with Amilon, the leading Digital Gift Cards and Branded Currency company

Sportrick vertical management solution for fitness clubs together with Amilon, the leading Digital Gift Cards and Branded Currency company, launched a new advertising solution aimed at boosting gyms lead caption activities by means of a brand new digital advertising tool.   

How did it begin?   
When gyms started to close because of the Covid crisis, they started to offer new digital services like Remote Personal Training or Live Streaming Clasess on Sportrick’s online management platform in order to keep in contact with their customers from their homes. The huge rise of digital consume during the lockdown has opened a new path for fitness clubs: a new digitalized target. So, what about offering the existing digital fitness services to these potential customers?   

The solution   
In order to give a concrete response to this market opportunity, Sportrick and Amilon worked on a solution that helps clubs boost their online caption strategies. The product called "Boost your club" is a comprehensive advertising product available on Sportrick's online store.   

How does it work?   
By submitting an online form with some information, the club is immediately prompted online.
Thanks to a targeted display campaign based on the club customers' preferences, the banner displayed leads to the club’s landing page, automating the lead generation process.  Lead and campaign-performance information is submitted to the club by email.   

The synergy between two Zucchetti's solutions has created a perfect product for the fitness industry at a perfect time for the market.