WMS Mobile for MAGO4 Android

Manage all the logistical aspects of Your Warehouse: loading and unloading of goods, transfer of stocks, inventory, packing and unpacking

As you already know, with WMS Mobile you can manage all the logistical aspects of your warehouse: loading and unloading of goods, transfer of stocks, inventory, packing and unpacking... all synchronized in real time with your Mago4 ERP. By reading the barcode of the items, lots, stocks, locations you can keep your warehouse in order and under control.

WMS Mobile transmits the relevant data in real time to the company database via the handheld device and it also allows you to manage stock transfer, packing and unpacking procedures: an irreplaceable aid to perform any type of operation with maximum speed and precision.

What’s really new today is the completely renewed interface and the implementation of a state-of-the art technology; this two aspects not only make it really beautiful to look at, but also make it more functional, modern and with a much improved user experience compared to the CE version.

Speaking about technology, it is important to know that Microsoft has announced the end of support for operating systems installed on most mobile devices for automatic data collection in year 2020. So companies that are using handheld terminals for identification and traceability with Windows CE or Windows Embedded Handheld operating system should start planning for the future.

The Mago4 WMS Mobile for Android already takes you in this direction thanks to the use of the Android platform, probably the most flexible operating system, already adopted by several manufacturers in many terminals - alongside the previous technology, which although it is no longer supported by Microsoft will still remain available on Mago4 with its WMS Mobile for CE version.

Planning a migration strategy with the right advance will allow you to arrive prepared and with clear ideas to adopt solutions with the technology best suited to your needs. Remember that Android has been implemented in retail terminals and non-industrial environments, lighter and compact in size, suitable for the point of sale but also in robust terminals for more demanding environments such as logistics, transport and manufacturing companies, and that’s why Mago4 adopts this system, to ensure you an operating system easy to program, with which most users have already become familiar using smartphones and tablets.

But what about the use and performance of Mago4 WMS Mobile for Android?

With the Mago4 2.6 version, all the features already available on Windows Ce terminals are now available with the new WMS Mobile App also on Android terminals.

Let's start with the installation: it is possible to download the WMS Mobile app directly from the device from the Microsoft App center or from the Google Store...and it’s easy like a normal app! Simply, once the app has been downloaded and installed it's possible to open it.

Now, with a few initial configuration steps, you can access all the functions that allow you to better manage the movements of the warehouse. Of course, it’s always possible to update or delete the WMS Mobile app like any other application. The language of the app depends on the language set on the device. No less important, the totally renewed, beautiful and intuitive interface and the high performance of the certified devices (Zebra terminals), make even more effective, efficient and intelligent strategic operations of shipping, inventory, replenishment, etc.. If you want to have a look to some screenshot of this interface, you can refer to the Help center page or you can contact your reseller for a demo!

The news does not end here: there are many other important updates and new features that also concern other management areas ... you can find out everything about Mago4 2.6 by consulting the release notes that you can find in Reserved Area on the Microarea portal.

We also remind you that the 2.6 release of Mago4 can be downloaded for free if you have kept your MLU active; we suggest you to contact your dealer for the installation. If, on the other hand, your MLU is not active, contact your reseller and discover the advantages of being always updated.