ZCS on Artificial Intelligence, a new ally for the business

Zucchetti Centro Sistemi explores the future of AI in a dedicated event

From science fiction to reality: today Artificial Intelligence together with its different applications is becoming part of men’s life and business. Zucchetti Centro Sistemi (ZCS), technological and innovative leader in the fields of IT, automation, robotics and renewable energies, introduced several A.I news and corporate projects to a vast public of customers, entrepreneurs and managers.

ZCS is pioneer and precursor of new technologies, an early adopter. The good business results of the last years originate exactly from having been able to implement technologies into processes and products, resulting in an increase of turnover, revenues, performances and number of customers (Italy and abroad)*

(* € 78 million of turnover in 2018 + 25% compared to the previous years. Forecast for 2019 € 90 million).

 "What is needed is the awareness that we are living in a moment of deep and rapid transformation; knowing the direction in which we are going and increasing our technological skills is necessary to better understand the future and to be flexible and open-minded in order to seize new job an business opportunities”. This is what claims our president Cav. Lav. Fabrizio Bernini with his usual enthusiasm.

 "Both as an entrepreneur and as President of the Industrialists of Arezzo and of the Digital Innovation Hub Toscana - Cav. Bernini continues -  I have personally committed myself to spreading the culture of digitalization among companies".

Precisely to show how AI is affecting our lives on multiple levels, Zucchetti Centro Sistemi organized the “Welcome to the Era of Artificial Intelligence” event. 5 live points dedicated to ZCS A.I solutions were held, showing how reality has already replaced science fiction, in all business functions (accounting, production, human resources, marketing and sales) and all professional fields (industry and manufacturing , services, logistic, gardening, energy, etc.).

Live Point 1. The Vision Z revolution begins, the A.I. ??board the robotic lawnmowers. Vision Z multi-platform technology was introduced, equipped with the most innovative and sophisticated technologies such as self-learning with optical vision, multisensory, voice assistant, predictive maintenance. the robot of the future is now born: intelligent, interactive and ready to use. An experiential workshop to project the user into the technological revolution of gardening robotics.

Live Point 2. We make objects talk. The evolution of the Internet has made objects intelligent, or, in other words, able to receive information and transfer it from the virtual world to the real one. We disclosed the  H24 intelligent connections and the advantages of traceability in the industrial environment. Talking boxes and products which can optimize business processes, which can read and manage Big Data saving the Earth!

Live Point 3. Managing intelligence, the Voice of Evolution. Over the next three years, the 40% of users will rather use a voice assistant then other web tools (websites or apps) and one user out of three will choose to speak with an Artificial intelligence rather than going to the bank or visiting a store. Users will abandon keyboards and touch screens in order to "talk" with their digital tools. ZCS has created Arianna, the Voice Assistant at the service of the business, which allows the dialogue with its analytical tools. Arianna understands and gives a voice to the data of the various ERP, CRM and corporate Human Resources management systems.

Live Point 4. Voice and virtual assistants in the Hospital 4.0. Many fields of application of the A.I. in 4.0 hospitals. The voice assistants are already an active part of the medical teams, providing data on the patient's conditions, advising the staff and alerting people if there is a health emergency.

Live Point 5. Predictive energy intelligence. Big data, algorithms and artificial intelligence systems are strategic tools for the management, development and planning of complex network systems but also to improve the management of domestic, civil and industrial systems. The Green Innovation Division introduced the new ZCS system that connects domestic habits and consumptions together with electric cars, speaking with both the Sun and the Cloud!

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