Vertical Booking USA grows 30% in 2018

Marketing and sales goal reached for VB USA, which closes a successful 2018

Vertical Booking USA continues its exceptional growth in the North American market, with an increase of over 30% in 2018 (as compared to 2017).

At the beginning of the year, Vertical Booking USA’s goals were to increase sales (mission accomplished!) and to increase awareness of the company and its solutions in the North American hotel market.

From publishing engaging content with top media outlets; to having a strong presence at many local, national and international industry conferences; and meeting with hoteliers in many major North American markets, the VB USA team had a very busy year - and the impressive numbers are a testament to the team’s hard work and the company’s increased visibility.

Vertical Booking USA anticipate that the company’s growth will continue through 2019, as more hoteliers are recognizing the need for reservation technology to effectively manage bookings from all the various channels, making more informed decisions and maximizing revenue opportunities.