Human Resources

We take care of our employees!

Our workers can rely on People Care, our corporate welfare programme that allows our employees to take advantage of a wide range of services that make the work-life balance easier, allowing to save time and money.

With Zucchetti People Care our employees can have advantageous fees to sign up to kindergartens, join English courses, go shopping in a wide variety of stores, take advantage of a personalized fiscal assistance for tax purposes, get home delivery of grocery shopping and drugs and much more.

Currently we have been focusing on different areas among which Health & Wellbeing, Work-Life Balance, Culture & Free Time. But People Care is constantly evolving to include more and more areas thanks to new ideas and concrete answers to our employees’ needs.

Beyond “Quotas for women”

In Zucchetti, the female presence is not marginal at all, quite the contrary. 44% of workers, in fact, are women and many of them occupy important managerial positions, from HR manager, to Business Unit responsible, from CFO to managers in charge of administration and purchasing office and many more.

And in fact it has been the strong presence of women and their better analytical skills to allow Zucchetti to become the leader in the payroll and accounting markets.

In order to understand our specific corporate situation, with a bigger female presence compared to other companies in the IT sector, we also need to consider the geographical distribution of our offices: the majority of our people live in small-medium cities, where it is easier for women to work and commute, combining career and family.

While those gifted with mere talent aspire just to learn and master what is the case, the genius developes new ways towards the unlimited, over the whole of life.

In a world like the IT and legislative one, where there is an ongoing evolution, keeping up-to-date is crucial. This is why Zucchetti offers its employees a 360° training through a dedicated Academy that creates training paths for the development of technical, managerial and cross-cutting competencies. 

The activities are organized based on a training model characterized by a strong innovation: besides traditional on-site courses, also coaching activities, distance-training and e-learning are offered. Accademia Zucchetti’s main goal is to add value to the know-how and to capitalize on corporate’s values, to empower skills and to invest on a training path as a real future strategic asset.

Getting the best healthcare is everyone’s right!

For this reason, Zucchetti Group makes available to its employees integrated healthcare assistance plans to enable its workers to benefit from healthcare services at the best public and private clinics and hospitals, getting a refund for the exams and services related to diseases and/or accidents, among which:

  • Hospitalizations
  • Specialistic healthcare
  • Check-ups and emergencies
  • Childbirth
  • Prevention
  • Counseling services
  • Important surgeries

In 1978 we created the first software to automatically elaborate tax returns in Italy.  Since then we have been protagonists of the change in the IT environment and we face every day like a challenge to digitize the management processes of companies and professionals, in order to support them in their business’ growth. Our goal has always been to innovate today to anticipate the change and be competitive tomorrow. In order to do so, we are constantly looking for talent, even recent graduates from college and university, that have creativity in their DNA and are willing to grow, innovate and digitize.

For us, “millennials” are important resources able to lead the company of the future in a competitive scenario characterized by business and technological models that keep changing. We offer all our new employees the possibility to improve their working skills, together with an ongoing training and a positive, stimulating and young environment. The staff’s average age is 35 and 44% of our human resources are made of women. Listen to Riccardo, Elena, Giorgio and Davide’s stories. After graduating from the Politecnico di Milano University they became part of Zucchetti Group and are now facing their growth path in our company.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

To be able to always offer excellent solutions we significantly invest in Research and Development.In our sector in particular, innovation drives growth and it is destined to have more and more importance given the fast paced transformation of the markets.
Our commitment in R&D is to always create new solutions that satisfy the needs that haven’t been satisfied yet and to refine the already existing ones improving their functionalities. Specifically, we commit ourselves with: 

  • over 1000 people (out of more than 3.350) dedicated to R&D;
  • around €3.000.000 invested each year;
  • sponsorizations of research activities run by the Politecnico di Milano University’s ICT & Professional Observatory and Electronic Invoicing Observatory;
  • acquisitions of specialized companies, that, in turn, run R&D activities in the following fields: energy efficiency; Internet of Things; 3D printing; Networking & Collaboration; Digital Marketing; e-commerce and mobile proximity e-payments.

In order to promote good physical and mental conditions and safety in the workplace, Zucchetti Group took part in the “Workplace Healthcare Promotion” programme promoted by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work. With this participation we commit to inform our employees and activate best practices to reduce the risk factors responsible for various diseases and to improve the health and wellbeing of our human resources.

In particular, we have organized activities such as:

  • fighting tobacco addiction
  • promoting physical activity
  • explaining the importance of a healthy diet
  • increasing road safety and sustainable mobility
  • promoting work-life balance policies

Besides all these initiatives, Zucchetti also offers free medical visits for melanoma prevention, one of the most widespread and dangerous diseases and also the possibility to benefit from services to guarantee road safety and sustainable mobility. All of these activities allowed Zucchetti to win the “Health Promoting Workplace” award, granted by the Lombardy Region and the Metropolitan City of Milan.

Here Cristina Zucchetti, HR manager and Katia Fabene, Accademia Zucchetti’s manager, receiving the prestigious award.



Many employees decided to take part in the “Stop & Win” contest that we have organized and thanks to which they permanently gave up on smoking at the end of the challenge.
In the gallery below, some of our colleagues awarded for the important goal reached.


We commit ourselves and organize activities to support a regular physical activity that allow our employees to adopt a healthy lifestyle. We promote walking groups and specific campaigns on social media. Here’s the collage of Zucchetti’s InForma (StayFit) campaign.



Of course, resisting to the temptation of snacks and treats during working hours is difficult, but to help our employees Alto Servizio installed in our company’s premises vending machines that now offer also fresh fruit snacks, nuts and light products to guarantee the widest choice at any moment.


Seasonal flu is not too dangerous but it can be very annoying: cold, cough, fever, etc. For those who want to protect themselves against this seasonal disease, every year Zucchetti offers its workforce the possibility to get a free flu shot.   


Little programmers at work!

The children of our employees are protagonists of Zucchetti’s Kids Day, an event entirely dedicated to the little ones to get them to know mom and dad’s job and to teach them how to use programming software having fun. The kids, from 8 to 13 years old, in fact, enjoyed themselves creating a videogame with Scratch – a programme elaborated by MIT – where a cat had to catch a muffin. The first Zucchetti’s Kids Day took place thanks to Mediglia’s CoderDojo, an international no-profit organization that aims at revealing to children and teenagers the secrets of creating websites, apps and robotics principles.

Here’s the gallery of our little programmers at work: