Study support & Academic Collaboration

Meritocracy is always rewarded!

This is the main principle on which, for many years, Zucchetti Group has been basing its commitment in supporting studying paths of talented students, thanks to different initiatives. For this reason, Zucchetti Group finances scholarships for the best students in faculties such as Informatics, Informatic Engineering, Administrative Engineering and in Technical and IT high schools among employees’ sons and daughters.

The students who received the scholarship: the employees’ children in Lodi’s office (above), Aulla’s office (on the left), Pedrengo’s office (in the middle) and in Genoa’s office (on the right).

Luca (on the left), son of our colleague Mariangela (in the middle), with Cristina Zucchetti (on the right) that won the scholarship for the academic year 2015/2016.

What will I do when I grow up?

Deciding about your own future is never easy, above all when you are still at school. This is why Zucchetti decided to actively collaborate with the “Alternanza Scuola-Lavoro” (School-Work Alternation) project, included in the recent education reform, providing an internship in the company to some high school students of the territory. But Zucchetti’s commitment does not stop here. The company, in fact, also takes part in the “Traineeship” programme, promoted by MIUR (Minister of Education and University) and Federmeccanica and launched thanks to the collaboration with INDIRE (National Institute for Documentation, Innovation, Educational Research) that allows students to get in contact with the job market for the first time.

Last year, some students of Lodi’s Volta High School Institute have experimented this new training modality, therefore living an important experience thanks to a “on the job” approach, that enabled them to learn both in class and in the workplace, so that they could experience first-hand a reality that seems distant…but not too much!


Investing in young people to build the future: this is one of Zucchetti’s main principles and this is why we have always been collaborating with students and graduated students for curricular and formative internships. No matter if you have finished your studies or not, Zucchetti offers the possibility to live an important internship experience, entering the company from a priority lane.

But most importantly Zucchetti has no interest in loosing those, who we think can add value to our company. This is the reason why very often, at the end of the internship, internees get offered a proper working contract, like in Sabrina Salmaso and Giulia Carini's case, who got in Zucchetti with a curricular internship and have now been hired, respectively, in the HR and in the Computer Programming department!
Here is what they have to say about their experience:

Besides internships, in Zucchetti we are happy to welcome graduating students who decide to write their final thesis on Zucchetti Group. Klodyana Balla, student of Milan’s University of the Sacred Heart is a perfect example, since she is currently graduating at the Linguistic Sciences faculty with a major in Linguistic Company’s Expert and writing her thesis on Customer Relationship Management – customer satisfaction and fidelization. 

“In my thesis I decided to deal with CRM, that is to say a corporate philosophy and a business strategy that, thanks to an integrated approach, involves people, technologies, departments and procedures. I selected the company where to do my internship based on innovation and ongoing evolution criteria. For this reason, I chose Zucchetti Group that gave me the possibility to explore a world that I did not know, the one I am studying for, enabling me to understand that this world could be my future. Moreover, in Zucchetti I found great help and interest in my work.”