Zucchetti Spain becomes part of Zucchetti Group

Zucchetti Group welcomes a new member, born from the merger of Solmicro, i68 and IDS

Zucchetti Group has been working for years, with excellent results, to intensify and continuously refine its offer even outside of Italy. In particular, with regards to Europe, the group has focused mainly on Spain, Switzerland and Germany, that greatly contributed to reach the 15% of the group’s turnover abroad.

In Spain, the group has recently acquired three Spanish companies, leaders in the ERP market: Solmicro, i68 and IDS, then merging them in one unique company called Zucchetti Spain. Thanks to this new organization, Zucchetti is now able to guarantee in Spain as well a wide and specialized offer that satisfies all the needs of the Spanish ERP market, also benefitting from the integration with other application components such as HR, BI and Safety & Security.

Between 4th and 5th June the inauguration of this new branch of Zucchetti Group will take place at the Euskladuna Congress Palace in Bilbao (Spain), in front of clients and partners of the three original companies. Here, Justino Martinez – CEO of Zucchetti Spain, Enrico Itri – Zucchetti’s International COO and Paolo Susani – Zucchetti’s Sales Director will give a speech. Besides complimenting Zucchetti Spain for the achieved results, the three speakers will have the opportunity to communicate, on behalf of the whole group, the pride, satisfaction and ambition that Zucchetti feels for this project.