Mago4 3.0 technological innovations

The new release 3.0 introduces important technological updates. Mago is constantly evolving: read all about it!

Mago4 3.0 technological innovations
The new release 3.0 introduces important technological updates
Mago4 is constantly evolving and the release of the version 3.0, scheduled at the end of September 2020 features several news.
The main one is about the technological stack of the system: the update of .NET Core to version 3.1, which covers all Mago 4 installations, and the update of the development environment to Visual Studio 2019.

This innovation mainly affects those involved in software development and ensures you to work with the most up-to-date and safe systems. This is particularly true after Microsoft's discontinuation of technical support for Windows 7 - at the beginning of 2020. Therefore, our support will not be available to users with Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 operating systems.

The Area managers and the Mago’s Development department are available for further information.

Update your price lists with just one click
Save your time and update your price lists automatically, thanks to the new “import from excel” functionality
Updating price lists has never been so easy. Get your excel ready, with all the prices and information, for the upload in Mago4. Before uploading the excel file you can choose, by selecting a flag, if you want to end the validity of the previously inserted price list(s) and then generate new ones, or update the information already existing in the system. In a few words: with just one import procedure and few simple steps you can update at the same time both price lists and associated items.

This feature is designed to simplify and speed up the updating of price lists, especially for those industries and sectors that often need to update prices and items information.
For further details please refer to the “release note” in Microarea’s website private area or contact your Area manager.