SPORTRICK chooses White Rabbit to grow business in the Spanish market

Piscina 4.0: the campaign focused on the digital transformation for swimming pools

SPORTRICK chooses White Rabbit to grow business in the Spanish market.   

SPORTRICK, the cloud management software for the fitness and wellness market incorporates a Zucchetti's solution into its digital marketing processes.  

Piscina 4.0: the campaign focused on the digital transformation for swimming pools. 

Digital transformation has become a real need in companies from all sectors that want to keep the pace with customers' needs in this new pandemic context, and the fitness is one of them. SPORTRICK Spain’s team knew that building a community to discuss about digital transformation for swimming pools, would have been crucial both for brand positioning and product knowledge. For this reason, the campaign "Piscina 4.0" has been launched to discuss, learn and inspire on how technology can transform the management of pools in Spain after the hard blow the sector received during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Piscina 4.0 is a series of digital talks that can be viewed weekly from our social networks, where Manuela Callea, our Business Development Manager for the Spanish market, and expert collaborators in digital transformation, discuss about different aspects such as client registration and online tools, online purchase, on-line fitness, or access control for example, in order to show the most practical and easy-to-implement digital applications that could completely change the relationship between swimming pools and customers in the future. 

White Rabbit and Piscina 4.0 

"We decided to incorporate White Rabbit, an all-in-one business suite that provides us with all the necessary tools for an efficient campaign management: from designing landing pages, lead caption forms, newsletters and marketing automations, to tracking customer activities and analysing results. The integrated Data Management Platform allows us to quickly monitor our lead interaction score with our campaign. We can address leads with specific actions depending on their score and create advanced CRM segments. All this in just a single platform.” said Martina Ferrarini who is responsible for SPORTRICK Spain campaign.

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