Enterprise Resource Planning

The ERP Software for Everyone!

Mago4 is the perfect manager of your resources: all duties concerning administration, financial and accounting, supply, manufacturing, inventory, warehouse and logistics are just a click away.

Mago4 represents the new family of resource planning and management solutions able to meet the most varied operational, development, and business needs in the field of company management. The system is developed starting from a reliable architecture and solid experience in the field of ERP software, whose individual segments are enhanced thanks to renewed development models and original components. Mago4 integrates with the ecosystem of Zucchetti solutions, standing out in terms of flexibility, scalability and utmost customization possibilities, thanks to high-performance tools.

Mago4 is an Enterprise Resource Planning application with a strong international vocation right from the design stage. That's why Mago4 ERP proves to be naturally inclined to support the development of any foreign functional localization.

Mago4 is the ERP with a design, look and feel and user experience designed to follow the web usability criteria of latest generation devices. From the graphic and organizational standpoint, Mago4 is structured to ensure utmost ease of use and to manage business processes according to established, solid and profoundly secure procedures. Mago4 is available in client/server mode with Mago4 desktop and in the web version Mago4 web, with a dynamic and functional design.


Mago4 is the ERP software of a new family of management solutions, able to provide you the added value of several products, all combined to maximize business performance

Simple and intuitive. User-friendly interface for immediate results.

  • Native Web, Mobile Solutions. To work anywhere, anytime, on any device.
  • Family of combined applications. To manage all business areas with a single solution.
  • Modular. To build the software application according to actual company needs.
  • Expandable. To support business growth by enabling new functionalities.
  • Customizable. All the tools to customize every functional aspect to suit your needs.
  • High - Tech. For excellent performance, great reliability and maximum guarantee of data security.
  • International. Multi-legislation, multi-language, multi-currency and multi-company.
  • Flexible. Multiple installation possibilities, License on the company server, Cloud, PAAS.
  • Online training & Complete Support. Get the most out of your Mago4 thanks to training programs on a wide variety of topics and a high-level professional technical support.

Mago4 expands its functionalities by integrating with several Zucchetti Solutions. In this way you can experience an even more complete company management, thanks to the tools provided by Mago4.

The best of the client server with the potential of Infinity Zucchetti. With I.Mago you extend the functionalities of Zucchetti ERP software thanks to business collaboration (IAF), document management (DMS), customer and prospects relationship management (CRM) features.

The Business Intelligence solution that helps you to constantly monitor the performance of your company. With Infobusiness you can rely on valuable support in daily decision making. Thanks to an intuitive and easy interface you will be able to immediately identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business, and take timely action

The software for a 360° Customers Relationship Management, from pre-sales to post-sales. Through integration with Infinity CRM you can, after validation, enter orders directly recorded in Mago4, avoiding repetitive tasks and reducing the error rate

The innovative Document Management Solution designed to easily and quickly store and share any type of document produced by Mago4 ERP. Thanks to a complete dematerialisation of information flows, you can improve traceability and make more accessible the company document assets.

The Infinity suite’s software designed to create and manage with just few clicks corporate portals and e-commerce sites, real time integrated with your company information system. Expand your business boundaries, improve corporate communication strategy, adapt your business to new online purchasing behaviors.

With Mago4 you can connect to the electronic document storage system offered by Zucchetti DataCenter. Privacy of stored information, reliability, cost reduction, enhancement of information are just some of the benefits offered by the Zucchetti electronic storage service integrated in Mago4.

Manage all sales data on-the-move. Sales force allows you to manage representatives and sales data in full mobility on any mobile device, accessing company’s data and information directly from PC, smartphone or tablet. 

The wide range of modules that characterizes Mago4’s offer allows you to “assemble” your own ERP based on the real needs of your company. In this way, you can activate only the functions you really need and have an entirely taylor-made product always at your disposal.

Administration and Accounting

Inventory and logistics


Mago4 makes available to your company a number of tools, useful to manage resources according to established, solid and deeply secure procedures, optimizing and rationalizing the processes and ERP applications.Manage your business at the very best, thanks to the features at your disposal in order to improve the flow of information, create and manage reports, easily share information with others and automate repetitive processes.

Localization Feautures
Thanks to outstanding localization tools Mago4 is a global ERP, provided with a multilingual interface and able to support complete international localizations, managing multilingual data, different currencies, regulations and operating procedures.

Security & Auditing Services
Manage the security of your data by filtering access to specific functions and profiling different roles. Monitor access to sensible data by recording operations performed on the company's database, tracking data and user activity.

Development Tools
A development platform is ready for you, and it is specially designed to create flexible and robust ERP and business applications, complete with a number of tools.

Customization Properties
Customize your Mago4 and ERP applications. You can realize specific customizations, simple changes or upgrade-safe and instantly portable applications, in a simple and fast way.

Integration Tools
Rely on many tools designed to customize or integrate different applications. Using the XML as transfer format, Mago4 exchanges data and document among different applications, remote workstations and heterogeneous systems.

Reporting System
Sophisticated reporting system with an easy-to-handle and user-friendly graphical interface, able to refer to native functions of Mago4 ERP and other applications

Document Management System
Manage attachments in electronic format. With DMS you can archive data and documents, create business processes relating to the same documents; you have the OCR recognition and document massive archiving.