Customers Digital Interaction

Create an interactive and cross-channel dialogue with fans taking part to an event!

Zucchetti offers you an advanced solution for Customer Loyalty and Promotion that allows you to create an interactive and cross-channel dialogue with fans. A technological infrastructure that can be easily integrated with the channels to communicate with users: voice, SMS, mobile app, social networks, web and interactive displays are completely modular to provide valuable services and ensure more comfort- plus being useful tools to build customer loyalty.

Thanks to the integration of data from CRM systems and back office using the software, you can enjoy all the benefits of a comprehensive technology platform and define and manage all the actions related to users and organizations.
With Zucchetti Loyalty and Promotion Platform you will benefit from a powerful and intuitive tool to organize data associated to users, to define their behaviour and accordingly apply them to marketing and targeted campaigns.

For example, through integration with access control technology you will be able to send a personalized text message to each user taking part to an event, choosing content based on marketing campaigns and defined through a user data profiling coming from CRM

Moreover communication can take place through:

  • mobile apps
  • social networks (facebook and twitter)
  • voice recording broadcast with a personalized phone call
  • Virtual Assistant, with Human Digital Assistance technology which allows users to answer directly 
CRM and Membership System platform easily integrates with Zucchetti access control and with any other enterprise IT system likewise.