Case history

Port Mobility

Client: Port Mobility S.p.A.
Field: Port services
No. of Employees: 136

Client Profile

Port Mobility is a joint stock company created in 2004 in order to manage the concession of services of general interest (mobility, info mobility, maintenance, ect) in Civitavecchia, Fiumicino and Gaeta’s ports (the so called “Rome’s Ports”).

In particular Port Mobility manages parking and passenger transportation services, signposting and viability with connected maintenance, together with the flow of vehicles before boarding/disembarkment.
Strictly linked to the viability and infomobility management are the three Info Points present in Civitavecchia’s port and directly managed by Port Mobility. The related stations are located at the Terminal Autostrade del Mare (Sea Highways Terminal), open from 6am to 10pm; open 24 hours a day in Varco Vespucci and from 6.30am to 8pm (or in any case until the departure of cruise ships) at the Largo della Pace’s service centre. 

Terasoft is Zucchetti’s reference agency in Rome and in the Centre & South of Italy.
Starting 2004, Terasoft steadily developed following the evolution of the managerial needs of companies and professionals, that in a few years allowed the company to establish itself among Zucchetti’s partners as one of the most important reference structures in the Italian territory.

The elements that distinguish and underpin all these activities are the search for quality and the satisfaction of the client’s needs, through the ongoing strengthening of the sales department organization that guarantees a global coverage across the whole national territory.

Terasoft has always embodied values of absolute excellence fed by human resources equipped with talent and team spirit, that integrate with corporate social responsibility and answer to the market’s needs for a customer service always focused on commitment, transparency and professionalism.

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The client’s needs were:

  • the optimization of personnel management, the monitoring of employees’ working activity and the training for the compliance with mandatory health requirements;
  • the optimization of the workforce management and of the company-employee communication, thanks to the digitization of many procedures that had been managed with paper documents until that moment;
  • having a proper reporting system for corporate insights.

The most important critical aspects were workforce management, since employees were located in different areas far away from each other (different car parks, operations room, info points) and the management of payroll and payslips that were elaborated completely manually with paper documents and that, therefore, required solutions capable of streamlining and automating processes.

By carefully analysing the client’s needs, Terasoft suggested different Zucchetti’s solutions that were able to automatically converge different tasks and to have a controlled flow and sharing of information based on the role played (and on the authorization to access data).

With ZScheduling the client can now plan employees’ shifts and activities in a much easier way, even for the workers dislocated in other areas. Thanks to the shift scheduling tool, the designated area can assign and modify shifts with a simple click, insert justifications directly in the calendar, view the counters of each employee or of a whole department and much more.

The adoption of Zucchetti’s HR Portal and T&A allowed the client to optimize the management of timestamps and to publish payslips on employees’ personal portal, who can in turn insert requests (holiday, permits,…) and visualize their status, check their monthly timestamps and much more information. In this way, the company has been able to dematerialize paper flows, meet all privacy requirements and improve corporate communication.

Safety Solution can support in meeting the requirements for safety in the workplace and in managing specific training courses, while thanks to HR Analytics, the client can utilize a tool capable of elaborating different types of reports (related to coverage), useful to support corporate management. 

Dott.ssa.Susanna Abrusci – Manager of HR, Safety&Security, Waste Management Departments

We chose Zucchetti after an accurate market research.
Zucchetti’s system allowed us to improve the management of all the paper documents that, passing from the Control Room to the shift area, arrived in the HR department often incomplete, with manual corrections, undermining the certainty of the data for time and attendance purposes. Currently, thanks to the HR portal, employees consult with a few clicks their own documentation, check timestamps and electronically advance all requests while ZScheduling allows a perfect shift management.

Before Safety Solution we didn’t have a system capable of precisely monitoring all those deadlines that are of vital importance when talking about security and health monitoring, alongside with the training courses that are planned by Port Mobility Spa.

HR Analytics, instead, enabled us to create corporate reports that before were elaborated with Excel spreadsheets, allowing us to have a dynamic view of the company with always certain and correct data.