Case history


With, success is natural for l’Erbolario with a flexible, productive and user-friendly ERP solution

Client: L'Erbolario
Field: cosmetics
No. of employees: 160

Client Profile

L'Erbolario was found in Lodi in 1978 thanks to Franco Bergamaschi and Daniela Villa’s passion for herbs and the “plant” world. The company now offers 600 special products created for facial, body and hair beauty, in addition to sun protection products and skincare products for men and children. L’Erbolario products are safe, effective phytocosmetics  that are all formulated with full respect for Nature and Man.

  • Professional Edition

L’Erbolario's needs are prioritary, especially in the orders and production field. Its particular reality imposes the management of a huge amount of data and L’Erbolario needed a totally computerized management of customer orders. As the latter are entered directly by the sales force, the process must be extremely reliable: it must be possible to manage customer orders via a flow of information that is secure and monitorable.

For this reason, L’Erbolario needed to change from the previous paper print system of all orders and the paper forms used for picking. For order picking too, the company needed to move to an automated management system: the approximately 500 transport documents created daily on paper were an enormous problem in terms of resources and storage. L’Erbolario manages 4 internal production departments: production is therefore one of the most important company sectors, which has expanded in the last three years. 


L’Erbolario adopted the Zucchetti management software, which, thanks also to support from Micron (Partner Zucchetti), allowed the changeover to a rational, monitorable information flow in all of the company’s crucial sectors.

With regard to orders, the information flow regarding progress can now be followed and managed in real time from any area of the company that is involved. Thanks to, the Zucchetti management software developed in .net technology and to the orders dashboard custom made for L’Erbolario, all the departments can regularly monitor and learn the stage that the orders are at, following their progress. All this takes place without having to print anything off. The orders flow then moves on to logistics, that in turn generates the order progress (start of picking, end of picking, etc). Once the logistics flow of the order has been completed, when the last parcel leaves the picking line, a whole range of data is fully available to Magic Link, the Mago-net form that generates the delivery note and all the other sales and information documents (notes, packing list etc) automatically and precisely, thanks to its ability to use all the management resources via Web Services.

Thanks to, l’Erbolario has changed over from all-paper management to a fully automated order management system. Production is also an area where the Zucchetti management software is incisive, thanks to the introduction of custom-made production dashboards, created inside the company. The flexibility of EasyBuilder (the form used to create rapid, accurate custom-made products) has allowed about 200 detailed fields regarding company needs to be added autonomously. By adopting Zucchetti’s, each phase can now be managed precisely, specifically and autonomously using custom-made solutions according to L’Erbolario’s production needs that are extremely specific with multi-faceted aspects.

Andrea Trivello - Management Software Manager

"The advantages of using Zucchetti's solutions are linked to the flexibility, productivity and easiness of use of the ERP, together with the possibility of producing high quality reports, for a fully automated order completion system."