Lybra Assistant RMS

The Revenue Management System to Help You Look Ahead

Lybra Assistant is the first Revenue Management System to integrate, in real-time, Booking Engine data and flight searches into its predictive algorithm. This data gives the RMS a unique capability, providing information on global city demand for your hotel destination, number of people travelling, length of stay and their respective booking windows.

Using all Lybra Assistant modules, hotels can also access PMS and market data (competitor prices + hotel online reputation + events). This information gives hotels a 360° overview of their position in the market, making it easier to make pricing decisions, optimise occupancy and improve RevPAR.

With the Autopilot feature, it is also possible to customize the automation of updating pricing across all channels via the channel manager.

Thanks to its connection with the hotel's PMS and channel manager, and its predictive algorithm, Lybra Assistant RMS suggests the best sales rates, in real-time, to optimise the hotel's revenue.

As well as being fully integrated with all the main Zucchetti Group software, Lybra Assistant RMS connects with the most common PMS, CRS, Channel Manager and booking engine solutions.  


Suite 5° Ericsoft
Scrigno GPDati
Hoasys GPDati

Reservation Management & Booking Engine

Vertical Booking
LEAN Hotel System
Simple Booking
Booking Expert



  • Guest perception of value by day and by room type
  • Rate suggestions
  • Customizable autopilot functionality
  • Rate Shopping 
  • Year-on-year performance analysis 
  • Flight and Booking Engine search data
  • Detailed statistics
  • Demand pressure
  • Group Displacement analysis