ZTimesheet Working Hours App

Record working hours from a mobile device is simple!

Do you have workers who do not have computers or fixed workstations? Do you want to have timesheet data and working hours in real time? By using the ZTimesheet - Enterprise Edition app, you can! It's simple, quick and you don't have to wait!

ZTimesheet records timesheets on smartphones and tablets and allows workers and the company to save time as its uniqueness lies in the fact it is natively integrated with:

  • Zucchetti ZTimesheet job costing software
  • The Zucchetti HR Infinity software for attendance, shift and worker travel management.

 In this way, all the information for workers and the company are available in just one click and it is much easier to organize work and calculate costs and margins for each activity and order. 

The ZTimesheet App offers several functions for working hours and order monitoring:

  • Entry of diary events in monthly, weekly and daily formats
  • facilitated entry of events from favorites
  • allocation of events to orders, activities, projects, customers etc.
  • Utility of copy event/day
  • viewing of clock in/out actions, supporting documents and anomalies
  • sending of timesheets for validation
  • monitoring of validation status
  • Consistency checks for balancing hours worked
  • Real-time clocking in for presence (with reason)
  • Real-time clocking on/off of work activity
  • Real-time clocking in using QR Code
  • Geographical location of registration

All from any place at any time.

Try the free demo version of the ZTimesheet App immediately!

Who is the ZTimesheet working hours monitoring App dedicated to?
The ZTimesheet - Enterprise Edition App can be used by all those companies that want to innovate and make working hours, activity and order monitoring more efficient. By providing different way for monitoring working hours from a mobile device, the ZTimesheet App allows each worker’s activity status to be controlled in real time at all times.

How is the ZTimesheet App activated?
The company must authorize its own workers, who can then download the app autonomously from the main online stores.

Which operating systems is the ZTimesheet App currently compatible with?
The ZTimesheet App is compatible with iOS and Android. 
The App can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play.

What is required to use the App correctly?
The company that wants to use the ZTimesheet App for its own employees must have purchased the Zucchetti ZTimesheet software. In particular the company must have the following modules:

  • Timesheet: for real time clocking in/out monitoring.
  • Workflow Timesheet: for registration of events.


Try the free demo version of the ZTimesheet App immediately!
Download the App from stores and find out how to simplify working hours, activity and order monitoring.