For all those who want to manage the ticketing system in an automated manner and in compliance with the regulations in force, Zucchetti offers a modern, complete and innovative ticketing system, a fully web and java-based, user-friendly, state-of-the-art solution, which can be used by means of the most common browsers and easy to use thanks to an intuitive and captivating graphic interface. An extremely flexible and low-cost system, but at the same time robust and reliable, as well as completely customizable, to meet the needs of the organisers.

Zucchetti Ticketing solution is not just a service, but an authentic web technology. Therefore, the manager of an event can decide to use the system as a service provided by Zucchetti – responsible for the operations – dedicating only to organizational activities; or s/he can choose to use directly the web application integrated in his/her own portal becoming the owner of the service and achieving his/her own ticketing system.

Zucchetti Ticketing solution can be simply accessed by the operators by means of a standard PC on the network with a secure profiling and authentication system; the user-friendly application reduces considerably the back-office activities and allows monitoring all the operations in real time. Highly configurable and multilingual, it is able to process sales and public flow reports and statistics and allows customizing the tickets with logos and advertisements, which can be inserted in the customer's side screens.

Zucchetti Ticketing software is not just a Ticketing solution, but a real leisure and entertainment management system, basic component of Zucchetti platform for Venue Management. At the entrance of the facility, it is fully integrated with access control systems both with the ones based on turnstiles and gates and with the ones that use wireless palmtops (also for endorsement with the print@home system).

Zucchetti Ticketing solution allows the complete sales management of events of any kind, both with numbered seats and schedule ranges. It can simultaneously manage an unlimited number of systems of any type and size.

It manages both named tickets and any type of subscriptions and creates and manages an unlimited number of rates for any type of event. In the application, the facility is graphically represented with different colours in order to indicate the status and the price of the seats, displayable with zoom functions and selectable with the mouse or automatically assignable by means of the “best seat” mechanism. The customer’s Master Data are managed by adding all necessary or appropriate data and with useful features for managing contacts (for example by integrated e-mail).

Zucchetti Ticketing system has been designed for maximum online sales flexibility and management.