This module allows defining the company’s organisational units (head office, branches, offices, departments, etc.) and the relative hierarchical and functional dependencies, and associating company personnel to the different units.

The system allows identifying, at any time, the location of the resources, who they report to, the position they hold in the company, the planned and actual personnel, long-term replacements and other information useful to the company. The organisational model can be defined according to the corporate structure or across all companies of the group. The “tree” structure and displaying of the organisational chart allow for the immediate verification of the company’s organisation.

Different management methods are provided to speed up the creation of new units, the transfer of entire structures and the search for resources. The actual organisational module is the reference point of the system for the automatic generation of user profiles (collaborators, managers, users of the HR department, etc.) and hierarchies of managers/collaborators, which can be diversified according to different company processes. This consequently has an impact on the functions that are made available and on the position that different users need to hold for each process.

An export function in JPG format is provided to generate and print the entire organisational chart or individual branches, as well as data export functions for integrating with third-party applications that generate organisational charts.