Successful presentation of Zucchetti Spain that officially joins Zucchetti Group

The presentation of Zucchetti's Spanish branch has been the occasion to illustrate Zucchetti Spain's origins, goals and strategies and present the companies that made everything possible.

Bilbao, 4th June 2019 -  On Tuesday 4th June Zucchetti’s presence in Spain has been officially announced, under the slogan “Zucchetti Spain is born”. Over 400 customers, suppliers, partners and collaborators of Solmicro, IDS Ingeniería de Sistemas e i68 – the three companies part of the project - participated in the inauguration of Zucchetti Spain, in the Euskalduna Palace in Bilabao (Spain).

The journalist and anchorman Iñaki López run the event, that started by interviewing Justino Martínez, General Director of Zucchetti Spain, Isabel Busto, General Director of i68 and Pedro Piñón, General Director of IDS.  In a relaxed chat, the three speakers illustrated the origins and goals of both the companies making part of Zucchetti Spain and of the project itself, that was born in 2016. After the acquisition of Solmicro by Zucchetti Group, in fact, also IDS Ingeniería de Sistemas and i68 joined the Group.

All three of them are well-established companies in the Spanish software market, with over 30 years of experience, a wide experience in developing and deploying ERP, with more than 2,000 installations.

Zucchetti Spain is now a point of reference in the IT sector in Spain, relying on 200 professionals, a turnover of €14 MLN and over 2,000 customers in the national market. Moreover, thanks to its wide partner network of more than 300 professionals, Zucchetti Spain guarantees a fast and high-quality service always close to the customer.

Zucchetti’s top management members took part in the event - Enrico Itri, Zucchetti’s International COO, Paolo Susani, Zucchetti’s Sales Director and Nadir Azam, Zucchetti’s Business Development Manager - to show the results achieved so far and illustrate future goals and strategies.

The short term goal, as stated by Justino Martínez, Zucchetti Spain’s General Director, is to further establish the company’s presence on the Spanish market, both organically and through acquisitions.In the long-run, instead, the objective is to expand in South America, a strategic market for Zucchetti Group. 

The wide range of solutions offered and the strong investment in R&D is one of Zucchetti Spain’s points of strength, as highlighted by Mikel Lorente, R&D Director of i68, Ramón Lozano, Technology Director of Zucchetti Spain and Augusto Afonso, R&D Director at IDS.

After the speech of Antonio Javier García, Senior Partner Development Manager ISVs of Microsoft WE South, who talked about the long-standing collaboration with Zucchetti Spain, it was the turn of local institutions.

Arantxa Tapia, Economic & Infrastructure Development Consultant of the Basque Government, expressed the institutional approval and support of the project, that positions the three Basque manufacturers in a position of clear national leadership.

At the end of the event, an aperitif was offered, thanking the participants and giving them the chance to network and exchange ideas and visions.