Sage and Zucchetti alliance to enhance Human Resources management solutions

This agreement allows for Sage to offer a Human Capital management solution (HCM) integrated with payroll solutions.

Madrid, June 2015. — Sage bets on managing talent in a business in a most effective and optimum way, and that is why, after months of hard work and analysis, and several pilots, they have signed a strategic alliance with Zucchetti Group, the first Italian software company, to commercialize their HCM solutions and complement the company’s Payroll Management portfolio. Thanks to this Alliance, Zucchetti disembarks strongly in Spain and Sage transforms its Payroll solutions into Advanced Global Management Systems for the entire HCM cycle, thus reinforcing its position in this market.

A 360º Human Resources Management

Thanks to this agreement, Sage HR and payroll management solutions will be complemented with additional modules such as business trips, agendas, expenses and mobility solutions for the employee. All these functions enhance effectiveness of human resources management and will help HR professionals to have a global vision of work processes in the department.

This solution responds to a crescent demand in terms of both efficient information interchange at all levels (managers, Human Resources departments, intermediate officers, employees, etc.) and access to this information anywhere anytime. This allows for limitations of the past to be solved in terms of complexity and diversity of systems which are not connected between themselves, thus offering a single one which covers all administrative processes, both organizational and of performance of the activities any HR department carries out.

Zucchetti’s solution will be offered in SaaS mode from the cloud, which both eliminates the need for great investments and provides reliable access 24 hours a day. Furthermore, all services are available for both desktop and mobile devices (tablets, smart phones,…), allowing employees, including those who work out of the office, to be in permanent contact and access all the information without any barriers. More than 22.000 customers worldwide can confirm the excellence of Zucchetti’s HR solutions.

Integration of Sage and Zucchetti’s HR and payroll solutions is the first one developed on the new Sage API, as part of the Global Companies’ strategy of collaborating with the best partners and ISVs, aiming at extending functionalities of its solutions with third-party providers. This way, the company can position itself at the forefront of the market and bring its expertise and knowledge to a wider range of businesses.

Andreu Vilamitjana, Managing Director SMB in Sage Spain, “The alliance with Zucchetti is the first step, but a very important one, in our vision of the future of talent management in businesses, which must be effective in order to emphasize competitive edges, speed up HR management processes and acquire, retain and promote talent.”

Réka Ujj, International Sales Coordinator in Zucchetti: “Zucchetti’s HR solutions are appreciated abroad for functional completeness, technological innovation, value proposition, best price/quality ratio and wide range of services. The joint offer made by Sage and Zucchetti will allow human capital departments of Spanish companies to develop talent management, increasing employees  productivity, with the great benefit of having a strongly integrated solution designed and based on their specific needs.

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