Mago InStore App 2.1.1.

The new version 2.1.1. of the InStore App compatible with Mago4 4.1.1. includes not only new features but it shows the great advantage of being able to work offline as well.

Among the new features we find the Goods Issue to a shop which allows you to generate, directly from the InStore app, an Interstore document out without generating any Transfer Requests; in this way a Store can freely generate a Document Out to send the goods to another Store without being tied to a request, significantly speeding up the entire process.

The main news of this version concerns the addition of the InStore parameter, Allow Offline Mode, by which you can enable the offline management of the InStore App.

In standard use of the application, i.e. under network coverage, once the preparation of a document and the confirmation of a function have been completed, the information is sent directly to the server and the requested documents are immediately generated. Furthermore, it is always possible to carry out any parametric check, such as availability checks.

In some situations, however, it may be necessary to use the InStore application without a connection, and this is where the new Offline Mode comes into play. Data will be saved locally and can be sent to the server later for document generation.

This management allows the InStore app to be used even in particular places where the internet connection is often absent, such as, i.e., the world of ships. In fact, the stores on board will be able to prepare Inventories, Inventory Transactions, Transfers between Storages and Orders to Supplier in offline mode, and as soon as the application goes back undercover, the online mode can be reactivated to send documents to the server.

The InStore app has also been designed to manage emergencies! If there is an urgent need to replenish the ship, while you are still sailing, in order to receive the goods as soon as you arrive at the harbour, it will be possible to save the single order on a file on the application, send it by email or copy it via usb drive on a PC, and finally share it in a folder reachable from Mago, so that the supplier order can be generated.