Improve Your Guest Experience with POK

POK enables guests to manage their check-in process within a matter of seconds.

Now You Can Also Check-Out From POK, The Self Service Kiosk That Brings Innovation In The Hotel Business

POK has become of vital importance for many hotels as it significantly improves the guest experience upon arrival. By allowing guests to perform self-check-in, waiting times at reception are reduced and potential crowding is avoided. Additionally, POK provides an efficient solution for hotels looking to streamline their registration process and reduce staffing costs. Ultimately, implementing POK is an intelligent investment that can enhance guest satisfaction, increase operational efficiency, and improve the profitability of the hotel business.

POK enables guests to manage their check-in process within a matter of seconds, providing a seamless and efficient experience upon arrival. By offering a self-service option, guests can easily complete their registration without the need for assistance, which helps to reduce waiting times and enhance overall satisfaction. This not only provides a positive first impression, but also allows guests to start enjoying their stay sooner, contributing to a more enjoyable overall experience. In addition, hotels can benefit from the streamlined check-in process, as it can improve operational efficiency and lead to increased profitability.

Furthermore, POK now also allows for the management of check-out, optimizing and expediting the final step.

The use of POK for check-out is virtually the same as the check-in process. Guests select the "check-out" option, search for their reservation through a set of filters, and if there are no outstanding charges, the check-out is instantly processed, followed by a satisfaction survey.

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