MagoCloud 1.8 and Mago4 3.6 are out!

New features for InStore App, Logistics and Store management areas.

Don’t miss out on the new features of MagoCloud 1.8 and Mago4 3.6. We have prepared a summary of the most interesting ones. Check out Release notes and Help Center in the My Mago reserved area for more technical information.

Variants management matrix: how to manage this new feature in MagoCloud and InStore App
We have introduced the Variants management matrix to operate even more efficiently, thanks to the integration between Mago and InStore App. This new feature improves the management of variants of the same product and their quantities. By clicking on the new Variants icon, the InStore App shows the Variants of that specific product organized into a table. The user has a useful summary available in the App (e.g. for each size the available quantities) and can manually update the amount displayed. With the introduction of this new feature in the InStore app, the previous Article- Single Variant management is no longer available.

To add more flexibility to the management of Variants with a matrix structure, a new Variants tab has been added to the MagoCloud in Items Master.This allows you to choose in this tab whether to recall a Variant Type and proceed with the old procedure or to prefer the new one by selecting the Custom Variant parameter.

This new feature allows you to create Item Variants with more flexibility, without having to call up a Variant Type. In the Variants tab, you can set all the necessary information: Main Attribute, Custom Attribute 1 and 2. This new procedure allows you to edit the description of individual attributes and the three items, which make up the whole Variants structure. In addition, you can also filter Attributes and Attribute Templates, thanks to the new Attribute Category Master, added to MagoCloud.

InStore App: new features
The InStore App has been updated to version 1.6, which is only compatible with MagoCloud 1.8 and Mago4 3.6. The application is no longer compatible with the previous versions of the ERP (e.g. version 1.6 of the InStore App is not able to exchange data with Mago4 3.5).

You can disable automatic updates if you do not want to update the app to the new version. If version 1.6 is already installed on your devices (and incompatible with Mago), you can uninstall the application and return to version 1.5.3. Previous versions of the InStore App can be downloaded from the My Mago reserved area.

In Services, a Software information section has been added, where the user finds a useful summary of the software versions in use (App and ERP).

Several improvements have been made to Inventory, such as the ability to consult Variants management matrix from the main inventory list. You can also change available quantities, consult information more easily, and also add items to be inventoried while remaining within the main list. If the Article Variants are managed using the Variants management matrix you can check them out by clicking the Variants button.

Another new feature is the possibility for several operators to manage multiple planned inventories at the same time. InStore App will display a pop-up with multiple options and the user can choose the one to work on. The App will display only products related to the selected inventory. Another feature added to InStore App is the ability to set all items (not yet inventoried) as missing by setting the Set All Missing parameter.

New training courses in English are available in the My Mago reserved area, the topics covered by our team are: InStore App - Introduction, Cash transactions, Interstore movement documents, Goods transfer between shops, Shop replenishment. Enjoyed the courses and don’t hesitate to contact the technical department for more details.

Last but not least, we have updated the Mago4 price list, adding the OpenPOS connector. Please download the updated price list in the My Mago reserved area and MYZ.