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Read about HR Management Trends in 2021

Zucchetti Spain launches a guide to the keys to digital HR transformation in the post-COVID era

- In its new guide, Zucchetti Spain identifies the main HR management trends for 2021

- In 2020, 62% of companies implemented teleworking systems to adapt to the situation generated by Covid-19 and confinements.

- The challenge for companies now lies in adapting their human resources management to the challenges of the new normality.

The need to address the crisis generated by Covid-19 has led companies to accelerate a process that had already been underway for years. It is only now, with the new needs arising from the pandemic, that companies have become fully aware of the need to address digital transformation in human resources management.

According to a Randstad report, 62% of companies implemented teleworking solutions by 2020 and sources suggest that teleworking increased by 88% during the State of Alarm. This new way of working, which is here to stay, implies the need to coordinate and manage the work of a multitude of employees and improve information security control.

 Another of the challenges that companies continue to face is adapting to the changing legal and health regulations of the new normal in order to turn workplaces into safe places and convey confidence and transparency to their workers.

An opportunity to achieve a more productive, safe, agile and transparent company.

Covid-19 was a real "stress test" for companies, which were able to test their adaptability to the digital environment in real time. Those still following outdated human resource management procedures have had to reorganise to meet the new requirements. But many have done so hastily, in order to save the situation. Now is the time for HR to take a leadership role in enhancing employee well-being, meeting new communication needs and, in short, meeting the challenges of the new normal.

This requires software solutions that facilitate optimal human resources management adapted to the reality of the market and the new challenges of 2021: teleworking, collaborative environments, flexible working, task automation and transparency in communication.

Only companies that are aware of this need and adopt state-of-the-art IT solutions and human resource management procedures will achieve greater decentralisation and security and thus gain in resilience. Because this digitalisation will enable them to cope with the uncertainties of social distance and remote communication.

A guide to the new trends in human resource management for 2021

In the post-COVID era, companies need to be prepared for the unexpected. We live in an increasingly digital reality in which new technologies have permanently changed our environment and to act with our backs turned to this reality would only harm the future growth of the company.

As part of its project to disseminate current IT content, and aware of the uncertainty that this situation generates in companies, Zucchetti Spain has just launched a new guide to help them face the digital transformation process: "New HR trends for 2021. The digital transformation of human resources in the post-COVID era".

It analyses the impact of Covid-19 on companies in terms of teleworking, remote team management, organisational accessibility, transparency and data security. In this context, he identifies the new priorities in human resources management, the challenges that the HR department will face in 2021, which include employee experience, capacity control, security measures at work, strategic talent management, staff welfare, presence control in teleworking, etc., etc. It also provides the keys to selecting the best software for the digital transformation of HR.

This is a help document for companies, in which the software manufacturer brings together all the experience of the Zucchetti Group in its more than 40 years leading the human resources management solutions market in Europe. The guide is available now, completely free of charge to all companies that request it via

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