New guide to optimise business management in the post-COVID era

Zucchetti Spain identifies the ERP technologies and functionalities that will be trending in 2021

While the digitisation of enterprises has been a clear trend in recent years, the Covid-19 pandemic and recent confinements have significantly accelerated the process and highlighted the need to adopt new tools and processes, as well as a new mindset to deal with digital transformation.

Companies are fully aware that the choices they make in terms of management strategies and tools will directly affect their sustainability, competitiveness and long-term survival.

The new challenges facing companies and the best tools to meet them

The new reality that companies are experiencing demands a change of mentality. Now more than ever, it is necessary to adopt the most cutting-edge tools and technologies to facilitate strategic business management.
The Covid-19 crisis has shown that new technologies are here to stay. Technologies such as cloud computing, big data and Artificial Intelligence will be increasingly present in new ERP software. Companies must seek out these differentiating technologies and take advantage of their full potential, because only then will they be able to adapt their business management to the needs of the post-pandemic era.
There are three pillars that mark the management of the company in the post-COVID era: the mobility of workers, teleworking and the rise of online management. In this scenario, the main trend for 2021 in terms of internal organisation will be to adopt cutting-edge ERP software that favours collaborative work and enables efficient resource planning.

To meet the challenges of the new normal, companies are demanding advanced, intuitive and scalable ERPs that adapt to the changing pace of business and the market. They are looking for ERP solutions in the cloud that allow them to access all information anytime, anywhere and that are easily integrated with the other software solutions they are working with.

The latest ERP trends in one handy guide

In order to help companies select the most appropriate solution for this new reality, Zucchetti Spain has launched an educational guide: "ERP Trends for 2021: the post-COVID digital era". In this document, the leading software manufacturer analyses how Covid-19 has influenced the digitalisation of companies, the challenges posed by the new normality and the essential ERP trends for 2021 and the coming years, and identifies the most cutting-edge ERP solutions for these new needs.

With this guide, it aims to provide a new perspective to companies, enabling them to ensure their sustainability and growth with the new technologies that will be a trend in the post-COVID era: migration to the cloud, process automation, Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0, ERP integration with E-Commerce solutions, Big Data, Business Intelligence or mobility solutions are some of the main ERP trends analysed in the guide.

In line with its usual policy of disseminating knowledge, Zucchetti Spain makes this guide available to companies completely free of charge, via
This is the twenty-third guide in its IT content collection, in which it addresses current issues related to management software, human resources management, the cloud, BI, POS software, etc. The complete collection is available on the software manufacturer's website.