Case history


Taste joins forces with technology

Client Profile

Giessegroup is a well-established name in the field of fast casual dining, with 2 successful brands (Giustospirito and Crudo) and 20 points of sale all over Northern Italy. Giustospirito is a complete experience, with an extensive and diverse menu centring around simple recipes made with quality ingredients, accompanied by a selection of the group’s own beers.
The idea arose in 2010 out of a passion for craft beer and top-quality cuisine: the first restaurant opened adjacent to the brewery in Rubiera (Reggio Emilia),a convivial environment serving a variety of dishes and pizzas with beer. Many more restaurants were added, and Giustospirito continues to grow, also selling craft beer in other venues all over Italy.
On the other hand, Crudo offers Japanese-inspired dishes served in venues with a contemporary atmosphere. The Crudo project arose out of a desire to propose an innovative format, bringing a catering formula that has become popular all over the world to Italy.





The Giustospirito and Crudo formats were designed with the intention of rapidly multiplying new openings, and so it was crucial to centralise and digitise production and logistics processes so that all venues could be managed from a central office while keeping product quality and raw materials prices under control at all times, as well as the company’s sustainability and profitability. In addition, it was essential to:

- guarantee optimal customer service by speeding up order-taking (even while on the go)
- allow customers to order with their own smartphones directly from the table
- manage and organise takeaway and delivery orders.

Giessegroup has chosen TCPOS by Zucchetti to manage its business, permitting optimisation of processes in individual restaurants while centralising management of the company. Touchscreen point of sales, sales statistics and analysis, and management of all customer touchpoints, both in-store and online: all the information is collected and synchronised to improve customer service and the restaurants’ performance.

Thanks to the integration of TCPOS with Mago, Zucchetti’s ERP, Giessegroup also manages administrative and accounting aspects, inventories in the warehouse and supplier relations, permitting accurate overall control. The technological equipment of the Giustospirito and Crudo restaurants includes Zucchetti digital solutions allowing management of all orders placed online, both through direct sales channels (the website and app) and via various food delivery platforms. So all orders enter directly at the checkout points, avoiding manual entry by operators to ensure the utmost efficiency. The digitisation of warehouses, production processes and accounting tasks optimises information and reduces the margin of error. To analyse data and build dynamic dashboards without the use of code, the Group adopted the InfoBusiness B.I. platform.

Monica Laudati, Giustospirito and Crudo Food Tech Manager
"We chose Zucchetti as our technological partner because of its unique integrated offering of solutions granting agile development of our project, supporting ongoing growth and numerous new openings. In addition to satisfying our customers’ needs with the self-ordering app, Zucchetti allowed us to face the challenges of a constantly evolving market, in which real-time control is of fundamental importance to stay competitive".