Case history


"Digital" pizza combining craftsmanship with tech

Client Profile

The group was founded in 2018 by Mauro D’Errico and Gianluca Lotta, who took over Pizzeria Fradiavolo in Genoa. This marked the beginning of a process of growth leading to the opening of other locations, including a particularly prestigious location in Milan.
The group’s style is contemporary artisanal, using high-quality raw materials (including specialty products recognised by Slow Food), and the recipes are the result of careful selection of ingredients and an innovative pizza creation process. The top quality ingredients that went into the project qualified the restaurant for an “Italy’s 50 Top Pizzas" ranking.
The secret to Fradiavolo's success lies in its managerial operation, combining top-quality Italian food with technological innovation.

The group’s goals are ambitious – to grow from 21 pizzerias to 40, (with new openings primarily in city centres, where delivery represents about 20% of the business), from 150 to 450 employees, and from 5 to 40 million Euros in turnover. All this has been made possible by the recent entry of Gioia Group Spa, a holding company owned by the Ferrieri family (Cioccolatitaliani, Bun Burgers, and Pizzeria Italiana Espressa) and the Mir Capital fund. The innovative idea behind the Fradiavolo format lies in the engineering of the production process, which has led to standardisation, simplification, and acceleration of pizza preparation while maintaining the same high quality. The result? Inclusion in the ranking of the best 20 pizzeria chains in the world.

  • TCPOS, the multifunctional solution for electronic cash registers.
  • Mago, the modular, multilingual, customizable ERP that addresses all the management needs of the company
  • HR Portal, the portal that optimizes management and communication processes, streamlining and improving the efficiency of HR office activities.
  • Infobusiness, the solution designed to create dynamic dashboards without the need for code and analyze data in-depth, even online.

Fradiavolo's format is innovative and cutting-edge and is specifically designed to be replicable while maintaining a number of details characteristic of the city in which each restaurant is located. From a technological point of view, it was necessary to centralise and digitise production and logistics processes in order to manage the activity of all points of sale from a single access point while maintaining a focus on the quality and prices of raw materials, as well as on the company’s profitability.

In addition, it was essential to:

  • increase the speed of service and the accuracy of orders
  • guarantee optimal customer service by speeding up order-taking (even while on the go)
  • allow customers to order directly from the table using their smartphones.

There was also a need to implement a system that would make it easy for each restaurant to independently manage the organisation and management of employee attendance.The central Human Resources Administration office also needed to have all the data and information required for the closure of monthly attendance and the processing of salaries available to them.

Fradiavolo chose Zucchetti’s TCPOS to optimise processes in individual restaurants while centralising the overall management of the company. The information collected from touchscreen cashpoints and touchpoints with in-store customers is synchronised, together with sales statistics, to improve customer service and the performance of individual restaurants.
Thanks to the integration of TCPOS with Mago, Zucchetti’s ERP, Fradiavolo can also manage administrative and accounting aspects, goods in stock, and supplier relations, achieving accurate overall control.

The digitisation of warehouses, production processes, and accounting tasks helps optimise information and reduce margins of error. The HR Portal has been implemented for the management of all personnel services (payroll, attendance management, and staff budgets), allowing services, information, employee self-service, and applications reserved for the HR office to be published online.

Finally, Infobusiness is Zucchetti's solution designed to analyse data and create dynamic dashboards without using code, even via the web.

Mauro D’Errico, President of Fragesa Srl
"I was looking for an integrated system that would allow me to develop an advanced form of management control that would be accurate, as well asintuitive and easy to use.

Zucchetti’s integration between TCPOS and Mago solutions responded perfectly to my needs, giving me the opportunity to control one of the key aspects of the company, ‘food cost’,with precision, despite the exponential expansion we have been carrying out in recent years".