Case history


A smart food market for the house of brands

Client: Jelmoli
Sector: Retail

Client Profile

Founded over 184 years ago, Jelmoli has become Zurich’s no. 1 premium department store. Situated on the famous Bahnhofstrasse, the shopping complex encompasses 33,000 square meters spread over six floors and features 1,000 premium brands from all over the world, managed by 120 points of sale.

Before Zucchetti’s solutions were implemented, only conventional tills were installed, but the management soon realized they needed of a self-checkout option. At the same time, Jelmoli required that each sub-lessee could access only their own data, not even of that of their neighbours.


Zucchetti created an innovative concept to meet Jelmoli’s needs. First of all, it implemented two completely new services such as the Food Service Counter and the Home- Delivery, a delivery service that offers customers different possibilities. The client can purchase the products and deliver the cart to the appropriate team that delivers the goods to their home, or, alternatively, the articles can be ordered conveniently on the phone. Moreover, the new Jelmoli food market has in total 21 touch screen point of sales provided by TCPOS, connected to printers and card readers and integrated with scales. The tills can be handled by operators or can work in a self-service mode.

One of the most important characteristics of the project, though, is being able to manage all transactions and processes with a single software application. Since the majority of products offered do not belong to the vast assortment of Jelmoli, but to their partners, Zucchetti implemented a system that operates in a closed circuit: in this way, each operator can obtain only his own information, including net and gross values of purchased items. Zucchetti, thanks to the POS solutions provided by TCPOS generates also a list featuring turnover information, displayed per day or month, while each article is assigned in a clear and straightforward manner to a sub-lessee, providing the conditions for an accurate analysis. 

Sonja Lavric, in charge of Jelmoli AG POS systems
“All activities within the department stores, including the restaurant, are handled successfully by Zucchetti’s solutions, for a total of 130 touch-screen POS systems that have been provided by TCPOS. We are convinced that we can count on our partnership with Zucchetti for all that concerns the ICT solutions for the management of sales activities of the food sector. Moreover, Zucchetti has carried out the complex cross-selling task to perfection. We are proud that we have been capable of realizing a project of this size in so little time”.