Case history


A POS for natural body care

Client: Kneipp
Sector: Retail
No. of Employees: 500 employees worldwide (370 in Germany)


Client Profile

Kneipp is a leading provider of natural body care, nutritional supplements and bathing products. Its own Research and Development department work closely together with scientific institutions and develop patents and new active principles. Today, Kneipp is a modern, globally active company and its products can be found throughout Europe, Asia, New Zealand, and now within the United States of America.


Kneipp was searching for a POS Solution that could manage all store transaction workflows at a global level, with the ability to easily integrate to their Omni-Channel strategy, to support their global corporate structure and integrated to their SAP ERP systems. All interfaces between the POS System, the Online Shop and SAP ERP are built via a data hub called “E2E Bridge”. Additionally, the POS solution had to have a flexible and adaptable pricing/promotional engine to compete in the local retail markets that they operate. 


In only two months, Zucchetti and its systems integration partner, RedIron Group, were able to deliver seamlessly a POS solution, including a certified EMV payment processing used by Kneipp’s, for the first time integrated with Zucchetti’s POS systems provided by TCPOS.

Kneipp implemented two POS terminals in each of the first eight stores with a marketing customer display, leveraging on the smart POS architecture and cloud-based centralized server and database. Together with Zucchetti’s powerful pricing and promotional engine, the stores can operate in off-line mode if the wide-area network or server loses connection to the POS terminals. Moreover, thanks to Zucchetti’s module “TCPOS Promotion”, Kneipp can easily activate and monitor special offers and promotions in real time.
Inventory information is managed by Zucchetti’s Stock Control module, which processes the items directly against the inventory position during the sale transaction, so that Kneipp's staff can control the availability of the product in real time.

Nico Karges, Zucchetti GmbH Senior Sales Consultant
“The first phase of the project successfully implemented the first eight stores in the US, while the next phase will involve the implementation of about 100 stores across the US and 200 POS terminals. Zucchetti GmbH managed all project and system configuration activities from Germany, while coordinating the physical and local POS configuration efforts with the RedIron Group in the US. Moreover, Zucchetti GmbH trained Kneipp Germany corporate administrative users.”