Case history


Zucchetti’s POS solution by TCPOS for the finest Italian gastronomy

Client: Eataly
Sector: Retail – gastronomy
Turnover: 180 million Euros

Client Profile

Pasta, wine and pizza: Eataly stands for Italian eating culture and lifestyle. The company is one of the largest marketers of Italian consumer goods worldwide, currently operating in 27 locations in the USA, Brazil, Dubai, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, Italy and, since autumn 2015, also in Germany, in Munich.

Eataly is the only Italian food trader in Germany that not only sells goods from Italy, but simultaneously brings its customers a culinary attitude to life. All the products are presented in an attractive market atmosphere; the customers can watch employees prepare pasta and baked goods, and participate in Italian cookery courses in the in-house course rooms. Eataly also offers a lot of foods from small, regional producers and shows the people and the stories behind the products. Particular emphasis is placed on products from the Slow Food movement.

Eataly perfectly embraces two worlds – food and shopping – that needed to be seamlessly integrated in the market in terms of the POS systems. This was clearly a case for the specialists at Zucchetti, as its POS solution by TCPOS can cope with both things: restaurant and retail.

The opening of the market was preceded by a planning phase in which the POS solution was re-tendered and selected. In addition, Eataly was searching for a solution to assist in its further international growth which was multilingual, capable of dealing with multiple currencies and which could therefore be used worldwide. g

By implementing the Zucchetti “Stock Control” module, which manages around 160,000 sales articles, all recipes, inventory, incoming goods and recipe solutions can be managed internally, without the need to adopt any other solution. The in-house development by Zucchetti possesses the functional scope of a slim goods management system.

The POS system by TCPOS provides the integrated campaign with vouchers and discount codes, so that all activities are linked as combinations. At the moment, Zucchetti and Eataly are working on the further development of the project with the aim of connecting all future markets worldwide to the central database.


Dott. Micol Viano, CEO Eataly DE Distribution GmbH 

 “When we began to consider the IT solution for Munich, we already had our entire orientation for the German market in the back of our minds. We were looking for a future-oriented system and that is exactly what we found in Zucchetti: a flexible system which is able to cope with both gastronomy and retail trade. The real win for our strategy is the scalability of the projects, since with Zucchetti’s POS solutions, everything is multilingual and complies with the respective tax regulations, so that it can be used by the central team in English and by all the others in their respective languages. Today we are working with Zucchetti on further developments intended for Denmark, and we will continue to develop and use TCPOS solutions for our European markets. We work extremely well with Zucchetti in a respectful and direct relationship – because if you can solve any problems personally, that makes things so much simpler”.