Case history


The tradition of coffee merges with the modernity of Zucchetti HR Management Solutions!

Client: Bialetti Industrie SpA
Field: coffee makers, espresso machines manufacturing
No. of employees:over 1.000
Turnover: 173.9 million euros (2011)


Client Profile

Bialetti Industrie S.p.A. is a leading Italian manufacturer and a major operator in international markets. The company owns well-known trademarks with long traditions such as Bialetti, Rondine, Girmi, Aeternum and CEM. Bialetti Industrie manufactures and sells products for the home, in particular cookware and kitchen accessories, small appliances for cooking food (“Mondo Casa”) and coffee-making products such as gas and electric coffee makers, electric espresso machines (“Mondo Caffè”), dedicated to large distribution chains, retail stores and e-commerce. Over the years, the Group has distinguished itself by offering highly innovative and high-quality products manufactured in its factories in Italy, Turkey and Romania. Bialetti’s level of excellence comes from the ability to associate values such as tradition, quality, durability, design and safety to its products, as part of a strategic plan of social and environmental responsibility. This is well expressed in its philosophy: “more value to daily life.”

The continued growth of Bialetti over the years has led to a need for more complete and efficient administration processes: the increase in the number of employees in the retail area and purchase of numerous prominent brands (GIRMI and AETERNUM) has made it necessary for the Human Resources Department to adapt to changing scenarios.

In addition to the purchases made, Bialetti has also opened many new stores, and today it has over 52 stores in Italy as well as new branches in several countries (France, Turkey, Romania and China). This has contributed in transforming the company’s needs: due to its increasing importance as a multinational company and the need for a better strategic approach, Bialetti felt the need to align the personnel management processes with its business objectives. Therefore, it decided to update and renew its IT tools for accessing and managing data in a fast and secure manner, eliminating waste, inefficiency and low value-added activities.

The single database for all applications installed and, therefore, the real-time sharing of information without the need for manual entering of data, has allowed Bialetti to drastically reduce repetitive tasks and operating times. These results were achieved with the installation of web technologies such as Payroll and Time & Attendance Management.

The seamless sharing of data between applications of the HR Zucchetti suite also allowed integrating the Payroll Project with the Personnel Budget, thus facilitating the personnel payroll reporting and budgeting activities. With the Personnel Budget program, Bialetti's HR Department was thus able to automate the analysis of data coming from the payroll process and to quickly assess the personnel costs and their impact on company costs. The goal of simplifying the processes and reducing repetitive activities was achieved through the installation of Workflow applications hosted by the Datacenter Zucchetti, tools that facilitate communication between Bialetti’s HR Department and its employees.

Fabiana Festa, Personnel, Compensation & Benefit Administration Manager:

"Bialetti Industrie has been a customer of Zucchetti for many years, making use of its HR management solutions. Over the years, it has continued to update its systems with new technologies and to offer the best solutions on the market. Furthermore, the success and growth of the retail network with the opening of more Bialetti flagship stores requires faster and more dynamic analysis of data, therefore in parallel to the profitable collaboration and reliability of the Zucchetti systems, Bialetti Industrie has decided to continue this collaboration by requesting migration to more advanced HR Management systems."