The fastest checkout for your customers!

visioncheckout from Zucchetti: the latest generation of item/dish recognition. The fastest checkout ever!

The visioncheckout is an autonomous self-service checkout that independently scans your guests' trays with the help of AI-based food recognition (dish recognition or item recognition).

The visioncheckout's camera recognises all items within half a second and books them directly and automatically into your TCPOS till.

Scan. Pay. Enjoy!

visioncheckout: the fastest and easiest checkout ever!

Checkout in under 5 seconds, no queues.

  • - 60% checkout costs
  • 100% contactless and cashless
  • Autonomous & secure
  • Automatic recognition of all items

AI, Machine Learning and Seamless Integration with TCPOS POS Solution .

Theft Prevention
Self-checkout prevents theft. If a transaction was not successful, the visioncheckout gives a visual and acoustic signal.

Smart Corrector:
The visioncheckout recognises which dishes are most similar to the selected one and suggests them for correction on request. Experience shows that these corrections are over 99.9% correct.

"visionmanager" to manage the menu

Grouping of items, intelligent menu function and infinite number of fixed items.