Workflow Time & Attendance

Efficient process to communicate justifications and holiday plans!

Workflow Time and Attendance and Holiday Plan is the solution designed specifically for companies who want to eliminate the complexity and inefficiency associated with communicating absence receipts (missed work, leave, sick leave) and holiday plans.

With Workflow Time and Attendance and Holiday Plan, you fully automate the entire communication process and completely eliminate phone calls, emails and paper communications. By simply connecting to the Internet, employees enter their requests according to a standardised process, which are then approved or rejected by managers and, if successful, the receipts are automatically captured by the time and attendance software.

With Workflow Time & Attendance and Holiday Planning, you can put an end to errors, wasted time and unnecessary costs with modern and efficient time & attendance management.

Workflow Time & Attendance is available both as a licence (installable at the customer's premises or in the Zucchetti Data Centre) and as Software as a Service.

Workflow Time and Attendance is natively integrated with other Zucchetti solutions to manage all aspects of personnel administration, talent recruitment and management and corporate welfare.

This is thanks to Zucchetti HR, the software offering in web, cloud and mobile technology that allows you to integrate all the administration, organisation, development and security processes of every person in your company.

In addition to sharing the same database, Zucchetti HR software offers useful cross-functions that promote efficiency, collaboration and process control such as the HR Portal, Document Management and Signature tools and Personnel Analysis.

Enter the Human Revolution, explore Zucchetti HR!

Do you want to manage the justification of absences or overtime with just a few clicks?

With the ZTimeline Workflow Enterprise Edition app, it's now possible! This saves your company and employees time, reduces the time it takes to use or view your WorkFlow and limits your computer usage.

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