Cashless Payments

Paycult – Zucchetti’s allrounder for cashless payment!

Paycult is Zucchetti’s extensive line of high-standard cashless payment solutions designed to empower companies using customer cards in their daily business. By means of a card loader, a vending unit or a guest card system, employees, students as well as guests of hospitals and retirement homes, can access different catering areas in total comfort and complete safety.

Paycult is Zucchetti’s fully-fledged Cashless solution ecosystem aimed at facilitating and speeding up the payment for registered users in catering areas. Busy environments like canteens, schools, universities, hospitals, retirement home all benefits from Paycult systems in their daily activities making guests’ lives better and providing a precise and clear management of sales transaction, while being TSE-compliant.

The Paycult solutions portfolio was designed with digital transformation in mind, offering the long-term goal of the total de-materialization of customer, guest, and employee ID cards. Like all Zucchetti solutions, Paycult is fully customer-oriented and it is built to suit the specific needs of any business that employs card solutions for example for access control or time & attendance. This is the best starting point for the implementation and integration of Paycult products.

The portfolio is wide and includes cash loaders, vending machines and the integration with the TCPOS mobile app TCApp, a valuable ally that provides a fully digital way for topping up and paying, in alternative to other traditional accepted methods like cash, debit and credit cards.

Paycult Line of products

Our smart and convenient Cash Loader is designed for employees who want to top up their card to then use it, for example, for the company restaurant or canteen, but also, in appropriate environments like universities, for devices such as printers and washing machines. Like all Paycult solutions, the Cash Loader is flexible and can be equipped according to your wishes and requirements.

There are three top-up options to best suit your needs: cash, debit/credit cards or a mixed mode that accepts both kind of payments, which can be integrated through a quick and easy hardware extension.

At the Point of Sale, employees and guests can easily and comfortably pay by presenting their IDs to the card reader. Our software is compatible with various media like Mifare Classic, Mifare Desfire, Legic prime and Legic Avant.

Credit card loader
The built-in credit card terminal guarantees acceptance of a wide variety of (card) media (Maestro, Visa, MasterCard, ApplePay, etc.). The credit balance can easily be topped up and/or unused credit can be charged back, provided the payment provider supports this function.

Wage & salary cash loader
The Paycult cash loader offers the possibility to top up the employee card by deducting the amount from the salary. In this case, the charges are forwarded from the Paycult system to the accounting department at the end of the month and then offset against the monthly salary payment. This process is entirely digital, eliminating all cash handling.

Guest card system
Your organization does not provide permanent IDs? Don’t worry, this does not mean you have to forego cashless payments! In fact, the Paycult system allows you to issue temporary cards for guests and visitors. These cards are subject to a deposit, once guests finished their transaction and meal, they can return the card and collect any remaining credit and the deposit amount.

Vending unit
The vending unit can be installed in any kind of vending machine, whether that be distributing coffee, drinks, snacks, or more! The only thing required is a corresponding interface (MDB, BDV, Executive) to integrate a cashless payment system. Guest cards can be issued at the POS.

Integration with TCPOS TCApp
Are you using TCPOS systems to manage your canteen? Why not try our TCApp and let your guests and employees pay through a simple QR-code within the application? 

If your business is supported by Zucchetti’s omni-functional POS software TCPOS, you have the opportunity to extend the Paycult solution in use with TCApp, the mobile app that provides guests with the opportunity of topping up their balance within the application. Users can check all transactions made anytime anywhere, at a stationary till or via app: top-ups, payments by balance on card, or credit cards, making all traceable for them. All details of the transactions are included. Easy, quick and convenient!

Paycult is seamlessly integrated with TCPOS, Zucchetti’s flagship POS system. This gives you the great advantage of having all information like the transaction history, prices, articles, turnover is accessible within the central display of the POS Backoffice system, TCPOS Admin. Data from all Paycult devices is assessed, analysed and accounted from there. With all the solutions being highly integrated, we can guarantee maximum flexibility, as well as a smooth collaboration and communication between all devices, solutions and software!