Advanced Environmental Monitoring

Workplace Wellbeing and Regulatory Compliance through Environmental Parameter Monitoring

ZAir is the software solution that monitors and analyses environmental parameters in offices, production sites, warehouses, schools, healthcare facilities and protected areas.

ZAir collects, analyses and monitors different environmental parameters - such as temperature, humidity, air quality, water quality, brightness, electromagnetic fields and radiation - for planning the correct working environment conditions, helping the working environment and workers’ wellbeing and avoiding uncomfortable situations that may affect health and safety.

Used together with the Safety Solution software, ZAir responds to the requirements of Italian Legislative Decree no. 81/2008 (the health and safety at work legislation), which classifies the microclimate in the work environment as one of the physical agents to be included in the risk assessment.

ZAir has application functions that make it a complete software solution for intelligent management of environmental parameters:

  • The inventory and master file record all the detailed information of the managed asset where it is possible - using the monitoring function - to manage all measured environmental parameters practically and quickly.
  • The software provides pre-configured dashboards and graphs for all necessary analyses.  These functions can be customized and there are also other functions that can apply specific analysis formulas and create benchmarks.
  • ZAir also manages alarms, with warnings and notifications that come from managers if any environmental values rise above the danger thresholds.

All the information can also be managed immediately in mobile mode, using the native app for smartphones and tablets.

ZAir is integrated with the following software solutions:

Safety Solution
For any organization, managing safety in the workplace is not just important for protecting the health of workers during daily work activities, but is also an obligation subject to significant sanctions in the event of violation of the provisions of Italian Legislative Decree 81/08. According to the decree, the microclimate in the work environment (including the presence of any hazardous substances) is classified as one of the physical agents subject to risk assessment. Integration between ZAir and Safety Solution Zucchetti enables companies to monitor these physical parameters in the work environment and draw up the DVR (risk assessment document), thus performing a veritable internal audit in response to regulatory obligations.

Access Control
Zucchetti offers a single platform that controls influx into buildings and protected areas, and monitors and protects areas based on the presence of people inside each of them. Integration between the Zucchetti systems for access control, personnel management and environmental parameter measurement, allows companies to optimally manage the safety of people, resources, assets and environments.

ZAir measures several different environmental parameters, such as air quality, humidity, CO2 concentration, aero-dispersed particulate, radon gas, air quality, temperature and brightness. The solution can also use energy consumption data to compare it with environmental parameters.

The ZAir software provides a number of instruments that display the performance of the environmental parameters in real time, reporting anomalies through pre-set alarms. The assets are mapped via a tree diagram.

ZAir offers advanced analysis and reporting features, designed to help understand the data collected and identify potentially critical issues requiring action.

ZAir shares data and analyzed information at any organization level, and in this way managers can plan environmental condition adaptation work and asset upgrading activities.

For data collection and measurement , ZAir can make use of any installed hw devices capable of transmitting real-time information on the environmental parameters to the central software.
ZAir can also be interfaced with patented hardware that can monitor a high number of environmental parameters in a very simple manner, immediately sending data to the software via WiFi.