Workforce Analytics

Planning, shifts, orders and projects: all the data you need with Zucchetti Analytics

For efficient activity planning, for shift management or to understand the profitability of orders and projects, it is essential to always have updated data available, complete and able to support daily decisions.

 Zucchetti Analytics for Workforce Management is the easiest and fastest way to get all the information on what happens in the company and, above all, evaluate the trend with respect to the objectives set.

There is no need to cross data from different sources, make complex calculations and lose a lot of time: the default Zucchetti Analytics dashboards are automatically fed with company data, thanks to the perfect integration with the software: 

  • Zucchetti ZForecast for the definition of personnel needs;
  • Zucchetti ZScheduling for shift planning and management;
  • Zucchetti ZTimesheet to fill out work timesheets.


Displaying information: no more pages of numbers, spreadsheets etc. Simple indicators such as traffic lights, smiles etc. allow you to immediately assess whether management is in line with the objectives set.

Decision support: you are always in control of the various management processes and you have all the quality and quantity information on your staff at all times. This way you can know if the investments you've made are effective and are producing what you want and, therefore, make informed decisions at any time.

Perfect knowledge: you have an exact picture of all the processes of your interest such as the hiring, salaries, promotions, absenteeism, turnover trends etc. being applied to all HR Global Solution suite management software.


All reports for the analysis of corporate Workforce Management processes: 

  • Shift Attendance: hours of absence and overtime, % hours of absence on the shifts of the month, % overtime, duration of the most frequent shift, time of the most frequent shift, day with more shifts, day with more hours of absence in absolute value, day with greater absenteeism, shift start time with more overtime hours, shift start time with greater % overtime, employees with greater absenteeism and with more overtime hours, departments with greater % hours of absence and with greater % overtime breakdown of shifts by age group, by gender and by department.
  • Shift Calendar and Availability: summary Extract of the Shift Schedule and the Availability Calendar in the form of a printout, prepared for export to Excel.