HR Analytics

Smile, with Zucchetti Analytics you have the exact photo of your human resource processes!

Designed to meet the needs of the Human Resource departments, Zucchetti Analytics for HR represents the easiest and fastest way to get all the information on main HR phenomena and, above all, evaluate the evolution with respect to the set objectives.

You do not need to cross data from different sources, make complex calculations and lose a lot of time: the dashboards already prepared by Zucchetti Analytics, thanks to the perfect integration with the HR Infinity suite software, are automatically fed with human resource data.

Displaying information: no more pages of numbers, spreadsheets etc. Simple indicators such as traffic lights, smiles etc. allow you to immediately assess whether management is in line with the objectives set.

Decision support: you are always in control of the various management processes and you have all the quality and quantity information on your staff at all times. This way you can know if the investments you've made are effective and are producing what you want and, therefore, make informed decisions at any time.

Perfect knowledge: you have an exact picture of all the processes of your interest such as the hiring, salaries, promotions, absenteeism, turnover trends etc. being applied to all HR Global Solution suite management software.

Zucchetti HR Analytics is part of HR Global Solution, the first and only web technology suite with a single information database for the full management of all aspects of administration, management and organization of personnel.

All reports for the analysis of corporate HR processes: 

  • Staff  Analysis of the company work force divided into geographical distribution/mobility/turnover/pink quotas/age/seniority/part-time indicators.
  • Education  Analysis of qualifications in the company: focus on graduates/company trend/company career.
  • Organizational chart  Extract of the company organizational chart in the form of a pivot table/summary graphs.
  • Absences  Analysis of absences and holidays in the analyzed period.
  • Work performance  Analysis of hours worked, distinguishing between routine/overtime/etc.
  • Overtime  Analysis of overtime, comparison with the workforce and estimation of the substitutes.
  • Weekly details   Daily distribution of absence/vacation/overtime justifications.
  • Attendance Absences in the period  Extract of attendance/absences (divided by type) during the analysis period.
  • Accounting  Analysis of cost and debit/credit indicators for the month and comparison with previous months.
  • Gross salaries and variations  Detail of gross wages and personal items. Indication of variations compared to the previous month.
  • Vacation time  Analysis of monthly/progressive vacation time with details per employee.
  • Overtime Detail of overtime costs, indication of employees with target exceeded.
  • Payslips processed  Extract of payslips processed in the month in analysis and comparison.
  • Pay item details  Extract of pay item details per employee in the month in analysis and comparison.
  • Salary items  Extract of salary items per employee in the month in analysis and comparison.
  • Calculated contributions  Extract of contributions calculated per employee in the month under analysis.
  • Deductibility  Extract of deductible values with monthly/progressive detail per employee.
  • Tax bracket  Extract of the tax brackets with monthly/progressive details and balance per employee.
  • Additional Monthly Payments  Extract of monthly and progressive additional monthly installments/summary balances and per employee.
  • Total Salary  Extract of the monthly net by employee through the statistical entries of the payslip.
  • Training  Extract of Training Activities and course statistics.
  • Participants and Instructors  Extract of Participants and Instructors in Training Activities presented in a pivot table.
  • Wages  Extract of data concerning wages presented in tables/graphs.