Company welfare

Today is a good day for you and your employees, thanks to the portal for company welfare management!

ZWelfare is the portal for company welfare management, which allows you to deal very easily with Flexible Benefits, i.e. alternative kinds of payment that consist in tax-free services and goods.

Company welfare management is currently a hot topic because the law now grants tax exemption to a number of sectors, such as refunds for education-related costs, medical expenses, interests on loans and mortgages, sports activities, shopping vouchers and lots more!

ZWelfare allows you to manage these benefits in a simple, innovative and customizable manner. Specifically:

  • the company activates the platform and identifies which benefits listed in the Income Tax Consolidation Act (TUIR, articles 51 and 100) to offer its employees;
  • employees use a company portal to independently choose which goods and services they would like, depending on the cost range defined by the company.

The ZWelfare service provides benefits to companies and employees as well.

For the company:

  • considerable tax savings;
  • increase in employee satisfaction, improved workplace atmosphere and greater work productivity;
  •  improved relations with trade unions.

For employees:

  • increased spending capacity thanks to a reduction in the tax wedge;
  •  greater motivation;
  • possibility of accessing and choosing goods and services for their own/their family’s use.

Below is a practical example to help you better understand the economic benefits that can be obtained with ZWelfare: