Development & Customization

The power of an "open" ERP software

In Mago4 suite there are many tools designed to customize the software or  integrate different applications. The range goes from data exchange to management component reuse, until the development with the same platform used by the developers of Mago4.

DEVELOPMENT TOOLS – A development platform is ready for you, and it is specially designed to create flexible and robust ERP and business applications, complete with a number of tools.

CUSTOMIZATION PROPERTIES - Customize your Mago4 and ERP applications. You can realize specific customizations, integrated or stand-alone solutions, simple changes or upgrade-safe and instantly portable applications, in a simple and fast way.

INTEGRATION TOOLS – Rely on many tools designed to customize or integrate different applications. Using the XML as transfer format, Mago4 exchanges data and document among different applications, remote workstations and heterogeneous systems.